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Flu’s True Severity Is Still Unknown
So is this new swine flu outbreak the next great plague, or just a global spasm of paranoia?

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Lower Mexico flu death toll heartens nervous world
Swine flu hits Marine base in US
Swine flu hits Asia in global march

US may revive military commissions: report
The administration of US President Barack Obama is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting terrorism suspect held at a detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, The New York Times reported.

FEMA Training Drills in Ohio

‘This is the police… lock your doors and windows’: Officers shout warnings to homeowners through megaphones in burglary crackdown
Among the constabulary’s hierarchy, faced with a spate of burglaries, it was probably seen as ‘innovative policing’.

Campaigners monitored by civil servants
Government officials have been monitoring environmental campaign groups and then passing intelligence on to the police, according to documents seen by the Guardian.

Gardasil Linked to Nerve Disorder
Girls and women who receive the Gardasil vaccine to prevent cervical cancer may be at increased risk of a rare but serious disorder of the nervous system in the first few weeks after getting their shots, researchers report.

MSNBC In Pathetic “Racist” Prison Planet Smear
We could spend a couple of hours on MSNBC’s forum and find a deluge of racist comments and then claim MSNBC is racist. But how about instead we just point out the fact that MSNBC is owned by General Electric, a key component of the military-industrial complex and the war machine that kills thousands of brown people around the world every year. Who are the real racists?

New Homeland Security memo lists black power, shaved-head Doc Marten wearers as ‘extremist threats’
Perhaps the most amusing item is the document’s loose definition of “skinhead,” which appears to encompass anyone who shaves their heads and wears Doc Martens. Even those skinheads who merely preach “group unity” are worrisome, the memo says.

Royal Torture Video ‘To Be Investigated’
Officials in the United Arab Emirates may investigate a member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family over a videotape showing a member apparently torturing another man.

May Day turns violent in Europe
May Day protesters clashed with riot police in Germany, Turkey and Greece on Friday while thousands angry at the government’s responses to the global financial crisis took to the streets in France.

International Monetary Fund Slowly Taking Over as Global Economic Regulator and Banker
So the IMF appears to have become the world’s global financial cop.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

Economy on the Ropes

US general says Pakistan could be just two weeks from collapse
There may be just two weeks left to prevent the Taliban from overthrowing Pakistan’s government, Gen David Petraeus, the commander of American forces in the region, has told officials.

Rice may have admitted to conspiracy, former Nixon counsel says
In little-noticed comments Thursday, the former White House counsel for President Richard Nixon John Dean said Thursday that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have unwittingly admitted to a criminal conspiracy when questioned about torture by a group of student videographers at Stanford.

FEMA Blasted Over 9/11 Images In Children's Coloring Book
FEMA has been forced to remove sections of a children's coloring book from its website after concerned parents made complaints regarding the use of crude images of the 9/11 attacks.

Company warned officials of flu 18 days before alert was issued
A Washington state biosurveillance firm raised the first warning about a possible outbreak of swine flu in Mexico more than two weeks before the World Health Organization offered its initial alert about a public health emergency of international concern.

School Mass Vaccination Drill In Alaska
Alaska health officials and the Anchorage School District teamed up Wednesday to prepare for a worst case scenario by practicing a mass dispensing of vaccines.

How a global swine flu pandemic could actually be LESS dangerous than the annual flu season

CDC: Swine Flu Positive For “Global Community”
“This is a good thing, it’s a wake-up call to the global community,” said the CDC’s Richard Besser.

Boston Globe in Danger of Being Shut Down
Advertisements for The Boston Globe boast that a single news story can “take you away.” But after Friday, the newspaper itself may be taken away and shut down after 137 years of publication.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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