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A University employee downloads a document from the Internet about Al-Qaeda for a colleague in the politics department as part of the University's required reading list, meanwhile, a former Speaker of the House publicly laments the fact that more Americans have not been killed in terrorist attacks. Who gets arrested under terrorism legislation? The University employee of course!


Rough Sledding for Bush's Covert Iran Finding: Petraeus' Iran Obsession

Iran: We are set to repel any attack


Phony McClellan Controversy Hyped To Cast Suspicion On Iraq Propaganda

Cops & Customs Agents Caught Drug Smuggling

Memo To Corporate Media: Anyone Can Dress Up As An Arab Terrorist & Fake An Al-Qaeda Tape
Top Source Says Bush To Strike Iran By August
Spooks Promise Terror Attack For New President

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The Alex Jones Show - L I V E - May 30th With Jeffrey McKay



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