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FBI asks Congress for power to seize documents

The FBI on Tuesday asked the U.S. Congress for sweeping new powers to seize business or private records, ranging from medical information to book purchases, to investigate terrorism without first securing approval from a judge.

>> Iraqi insurgent leader al-Zarqawi reportedly wounded

>> Di Conspiracy Theory Revived

>> Another Stage-Managed Psy-Op: The Tragic Death Of Pat Tillman

>> Futurist: Download the Mind by 2050

>> Berg Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Another WTC Bombs Witness

>> Deadly Car Bomb Explodes Near Iraq School

>> Annan out, Bill Clinton in at U.N.?

>> Homeland Security Weighs Plane Shootdowns

>> Black market organ trade is Baghdad's new growth industry

>> Tabloid says it paid U.S. official for Saddam Hussein photos

>> Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq

>> Uzbek Activist Says She Saw 500 Bodies

>> Pilot who flew over Washington feared shoot down

>> America’s Terrorist Training Camp

>> Republican Appointed Justices Are Seldom Conservatives

>> Is Bush a Sith Lord?

>> The Cryonic Founding Fathers

>> An Interview with James Bamford: Inventing a Pretext for War

>>The Guilty Fed and Feds

Credibility Gap


>> EFF Obtains Draft PATRIOT Bill

>> Clarke makes second ID card bid

>> Questions asked over U.S. role in “kidnappings” in Europe

>> FBI's powers may become fearsome

>> Records-search plan alarms civil-liberties groups

>> FOX Radio Audience Says No To Expanded Patriot Act

>> Plan To Establish Daytime Curfew In San Diego County

>> Alabama congressman finds Bill Maher show near 'treasonous'

>> AP: Records Reveal Guantanamo Stories

>> Uzbekistan's Police State

>> Man who was Tasered may sue Aurora

>> Secret N. Korean Footage Suggests Nascent Dissent

>> China rebukes Japan over shrine

>> Syria Stops Cooperating With U.S. Forces and C.I.A.


>> New cigarette machines to card buyers

>> Japan: Big Brother tracks staff

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Big Brother Snitch Signs Introduced In England

People will watch for drivers breaking safety rules then use a remote control system to flash personalised warning messages via an electronic sign further down the line.

The Tillman Scandal: 'Newsweek' Error Bad, Pentagon Lying OK?

In the week after the magazine's retraction, where is the comparable outrage over the military's cover-up of the "friendly fire" death of Pat Tillman? His family is angry, but why is there so little attention on the press and public also being misled? And where is a Scott McClellan lecture on ethics and credibility?

Blame it all on Newsweek.

>> Tyrant's In His Pants

>> This is Nazi Brutality

>> Trust Us

North Korea denies preparing nuclear test: Czech envoy

North Korean officials denied reports that the communist regime was preparing to conduct a nuclear test, a Czech delegation told Yonhap news agency Tuesday following a visit to Pyongyang this week.

Jeff Rense Praises Alex Jones' Martial Law
Jeff Rense on Martial Law: "The greatest single serving of political truth and awareness that I have ever come across in my life."
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