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Watch where you point that camera

"Is photography becoming illegal in the United States?" asks Jim McGee, in a column for the online photo magazine Vivid Light Photography.

>> Tim McNiven To Appear On 'Lie Detector' Show

>> Hundreds Rally in Russian Capital to Defend Media Freedoms

>> Tillman’s parents lash out at Army

>> I.D. theft aided by rampant use of Social Security numbers

>> First lady heckled by Jews, Palestinians

>> Baghdad bomb kills or wounds at least 50 - police

>> Star Wars sparks talk of 'George W Vader'

>> Mark Twain Quotes And How They Relate To The "War On Terrorism"

>> WTC 7 Smoke & Mirrors On 9/11

>> The Truth is a Valuable Commodity

Tyrant's In His Pants


>> Torture okay in certain situations, barrister says

>> Seat belt creep: Big Brother is still watching NH

>> Pro-Torture Brainwashing In 'Battlestar Galactica'

>> Austria Lawmaker Wants to ID Dog Droppings

>> This Phone Is Tapped

>> Homeland Security bill lets illegals go free

>> US Attorney General Promises to Safeguard Civil Liberties (by systematically destroying them?)

>> Lakeland cop used Taser on students

>> North Korea is scared and wants better US ties, SKorean Nobel laureate says

>> Russia Will Do Everything to Prevent Nuclear Testing by North Korea — Military Officials

>> Russia. Iran Deny Uranium Enrichment Deal


>> Big brother to watch large cash withdrawals

>> High-tech plan for shoppers

>> F.D.A. Considers Implant Device for Depression

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Japan: Big Brother tracks staff

The sinister new “Protect 24” service from Secom is aimed at plugging potential data leaks by letting employees know that they are under surveillance throughout the day.

Slut Pride: Mainstreaming Casual Sex

This perverse propaganda is yet another assault on marriage and family, the institutions that sustain us both as individuals and as a society.

Front pages you'd never see.

>> This is Nazi Brutality

>> Trust Us

>> New Police Uniforms

Russia, U.S. Start Joint Wargames in Russia, Germany

139 U.S. military servicemen will take part in U.S.-Russian joint wargames that start on Monday, RIA Novosti reports. Together with 137 Russians they will rehearse a UN-sanctioned defensive operation against a third country.

N.Y. Audit Shows Sex Offenders Get Viagra
Scores of convicted rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in New York have been getting Viagra paid by Medicaid for the last five years, the state's comptroller said Sunday.
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