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Homeland Security bill lets illegals go free

The president of a labor organization representing Border Patrol employees and a Texas congressman are criticizing the House's recently passed Homeland Security bill for failing to fund construction of new detention facilities to hold illegal border-crossers from countries other than Mexico, resulting in their automatic release pending a later hearing date.

>> Afghan president pressed on opium

>> Black market organ trade is Baghdad's new growth industry

>> EU leaders dream up secret 'plan B' to rescue treaty if French say Non

>> Schroeder faces key election test

>> More attacks on Public access TV

>> Pentagon Caught In Fib about Koran-gate?

>> British Memo on U.S. Plans for Iraq War Fuels Critics

>> Open letter to Bush concerning British memo

>> Galloway's Senate Testimony Scrubbed from Official Subcommittee Website

>> The Galloway Document: Proof of Forgery

>> Pakistan: Osama bin Ladin is alive

>> Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Syria:
More Black Propaganda from the Bush Lie Factory

>> The GOP's Police State

>> In the belly of the beast

This is Nazi Brutality


>> US Attorney General Promises to Safeguard Civil Liberties (by systematically destroying them?)

>> Lakeland cop used Taser on students

>> EU Police to be Above the Law?

>> Afghan prisoners were 'tortured to death' by American guards

>> Army addresses spate of recruiting misconduct

>>Jury anger over threat of torture

>> Russia's 'war on terror' tainted by brutality and corruption

>> Terror fears drive new U.N. smallpox research rules


>> Iran issues stern warning to Europeans ahead of nuclear talks

>> N. Korea sets conditions for return to talks-daily

>> Abbas to Ask Bush for More U.S. Support


>> Tracking of sex offenders debated

>> Ill. Library Getting Fingerprint Scanners

>> Plan to Let F.B.I. Track Mail in Terrorism Inquiries

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F.D.A. Considers Implant Device for Depression

The Food and Drug Administration may soon approve a medical device that would be the first new treatment option for severely depressed patients in a generation, despite the misgivings of many experts who say there is little evidence that it works.

Patriot Act Renewal: No! No! No!

If Congress capitulates to the Bush administration and expands the power of the Patriot Act, it also should pass a resolution demanding the repeal of the Fourth Amendment to make it official.

The similarities are frightening

>> Trust Us

>> New Police Uniforms

>> Sparky T. Penguin, private eye

Secret UK troops plan for Afghan crisis

Should Iran step out of line there will be a mass of 'secret' troops ready to march over the border this summer from Afghanistan.

Star Wars sparks talk of 'George W Vader'
A powerful leader moves to suspend civil liberties to defend the republic during a time of war. The subject of political debate in Washington? No, it's the new Star Wars movie.
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