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US-style uniforms for UK yobs in new disorder crackdown

Teenage yobs are to be forced to wear US-style uniforms as they carry out community service punishments under plans for a new high-visibility crackdown on public disorder.

>> `America kept in dark' as carnage escalates

>> MI6 protected Nazi who killed 100 British agents

>> Fox: Mexicans take jobs in U.S. 'not even blacks want'

>> Bin Laden henchman ‘seriously wounded’

>> Government Pledges Action for D.C. Scare

>> Anger as US backs brutal regime

>> Live Dangerously: Be a Scientist

>> Osama's head on ice: CIA and Bush administration fire up mighty Wurlitzer

>> Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress; Bolton tied to same cell

Rogue Scholars: Our Glass


>> UK Police demand stun guns

>> Military Is Consolidating Into Large Installations

>> Show me your papers

>> Afghan President Calls Protesters Enemies of Progress

>> Deputies Apologize for Los Angeles Shooting

>> New Search Engine trawls web for "terror"

>> Readers react to police use of Taser on pregnant driver

>> Iran bill urges more nuclear work

>> AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran

>> Bush vows vigorous enforcement of U.S. trade laws

>> N. Korea's Fuel Rod Removal Will Hurt Nuclear Talks


>> In Las Vegas, 'smile', you're always on camera

>> Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport


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CASHLESS SOCIETY: Quick credit card coming

As if swiping a card at the checkout counter weren't fast enough, credit companies will soon let you buy goods by simply tapping a card, waving a key fob or holding a cell phone next to the cash register.

Miami Vice

The next president of the United States was on the road last week, throwing red meat about "moral issues" to a baying crowd of Bushist Party faithful -- while simultaneously trying to cut off medical support for a 6-year-old girl his agents had previously tried to kill.

Another top drawer track featuring sampling of Alex Jones.

>> Running For Presidents

>> Clouds Of Secrecy

>> Operation Freedom Invasion

Israeli air force to take part in Alberta war games; Palestinians opposed

The Israeli air force is sending 10 F-16 fighter jets and about 150 air crew to participate in major war games in Alberta later this month.

Myanmar charges superpower with being behind bomb attacks
Myanmar on Sunday charged a superpower nation with being behind the May 7 deadly bombing incident in Yangon by using well-trained bombers of anti-government armed groups trained out in a neighboring country under the name of an international organization engaged in refugee relief work.

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