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After Recruiters Threaten Arrests, Army Stands Down

There's been a swift response from the U.S. Army following an exclusive 11 News Defenders investigation into allegations recruiters are going too far to sign up new soldiers.

>> Russia Outlaws Dual Citizenship for Prime Ministers

>> Political Music Featuring Alex Jones

>> Free Audio Page Updated

>> Alex Jones Page Updated

>> All free Martial law video clips

>> Japanese Hostage May Be Dead, Company Says

>> Suspect in Madrid trial denies 9/11 role

>> Bush queried on British doubts over Iraq

>> Suicide car bomb kills 12 in Baghdad market

>> Martial Law: 9/11 Information Resource

>> Coffee, Tea or Torture? Non-Stop to Uzbekistan

>> New Weapons for Infowarriors

>> The Occupation Get More Saddam-like Everyday

>> 9/11 Fraud

Running For Presidents


>> National ID Battle Continues

>> National ID card legislation appears poorly conceived

>> An Attack on Liberty, 100-0

>> Real ID = Major Nail In Freedom's Coffin

>> Real ID Act Passed - The End Of America

>> Rights groups denounce torture transfers

>> Should Congress allow the Patriot Act to expire? Yes.

>> Bibles banned on playgrounds

>> Japan has 'extremely strong concerns' over NKorean nuclear step

>> India successfully test fires nuclear-capable surface missile

>> Russia to Give U.S. Inspectors Access to Some Nuclear Sites — Official


>> Cisco's RFID privacy tracker

>> Black boxes capture car-crash data, controversy

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South African Kids RFID Tagged

Parents worried about the safety of their children now have help in the form of RFID tags. Electronic security company Zicom Security Systems Ltd is planning to introduce RFID technology in some schools in Mumbai in the next three months.


An analysis of governemnt sponsored terror by Joseph Skelton.

An interesting retrospective montage compiled by one of our Dutch readers.

>> Clouds Of Secrecy

>> Operation Freedom Invasion

>> "Bride Has Cold Feet"

Alarm spreads as North Korea speeds up nuclear drive

Fears of an impending crisis in the nuclear standoff with North Korea grew Thursday after Pyongyang said it had completed another step towards making more atomic weapons.

Ridge Admits Terror Alerts Based On Flimsy Evidence
The Bush administration periodically put the USA on high alert for terrorist attacks even though then-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge argued there was only flimsy evidence to justify raising the threat level, Ridge now says.
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