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Senate Passes Real ID: National ID Card On Its Way

The Senate has passed the Real ID bill, creating a backdoor national ID card. After weeks of activism direccted towards them senators knew the full scale of this horror but voted for it 100-0 anyway.

>> U.S. pays for care of illegal aliens

>> Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years

>> Bilderberg 2005 Full Participant List

>> Agents Check Report of Grenade Near Bush

>> Iraqi governor seized, hostage crisis escalates

>> British memo: U.S. data manipulated for Iraq war

>> US 'torpedoed Kursk nuclear sub'

>> US 'torpedoed Kursk nuclear sub'

>> Bush praises Georgian democracy

>> Britain's Blair Faces Calls to Resign

>> Probe Can't Confirm Sources in Freelancer's Stories for 'Wired News'

>> Our New Model Army

>> Presumed Innocent? That Really Changes Things!

>> The Death of Politics

>> More Powerful Than the US Army

>> Blackburn's 'Mafia' helped Jack Straw win Blackburn?

Clouds Of Secrecy


>> Papers, Please! Take action against Real ID

>> Police used Taser on pregnant driver

>> Last Chance to Stop National ID

>> U.S. states may disobey new rules on driver's licenses

>> No Real Debate for Real ID

>> I was tortured, says ricin plotter

>> True Patriots Should Worry More about Freedom at Home

>> China indirectly rebukes Bush for labeling NKorea's Kim a 'tyrant'

>> N Korea 'may test nuclear device'

>> Israeli plane enters Lebanese airspace


>> The Biometric Mouse Is Back

>> Plan for high-tech cabs draws fire

>> ‘Camera cops’ urged at stop lights

>> TDOT cameras give live look at Knoxville interstates

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More Cities Deploy Camera Surveillance Systems with Federal Grant Money

President Bush's proposed $2.57 trillion federal budget for Fiscal Year 2006 greatly increases the amount of money spent on surveillance technology and programs while cutting about 150 programs—most of them from the Department of Education.

America's Basic Problem Is A Pastor Problem

Instead of championing truth, today's pastors champion political parties. They cater to wealthy contributors. They wiggle around controversy and grovel before government bureaucrats.

Mt. Rushmore no longer safe for tourists.

>> Operation Freedom Invasion

>> "Bride Has Cold Feet"

>> Daily Show: A Spot of Indecision 2005

Seoul Finds No Signs N. Korea Will Test Nuke

South Korea has neither detected any signs nor received any intelligence from the United States that North Korea is preparing to test an nuclear weapon soon, a top government official said Tuesday.

Exclusive New Bohemian Grove Photos
The shots were taken recently and show various spots of the elite compound, including the staging area for the ceremony and the Molech idol.
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