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Expanding Database Has Floridians Caught In The Matrix

Privacy experts cheered last month when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced that it was ending a controversial data-mining project that compiled reams of personal information on state residents and dumped it into a statewide database.

>> Blair under pressure to resign

>> 666 wrong number of prophetic beast?

>> Bush Gets Tough Queries From Youths in Holland

>> Spain registers almost 700,000 immigrants

>> Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of ‘mistaken identity’

>> Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture

>> 911 CNN Reports Boeing 737s Struck WTC

Operation Freedom Invasion


>> New Mexico Plays Home To Terror Town, U.S.A.

>> More psychological conditioning: Some find disaster drill short on reality

>> Award to police in fatal shooting protested

>> After protests, student's suspension cut

>> Kim Jong-il Sends Congratulatory Message to Putin

>> US Strike on N. Korea `Unfeasible'

>> Nixon plotted war against India in 1971


>> Spycam Force

>> Citizen privacy tops Montanans' list of concerns

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Big Brother is Among Us

In 1949, George Orwell published the book “1984,” scaring the world with the idea of Big Brother and having someone observing members of society. In the book, the main character is observed by a television, as well as other forms of technology that are used to constantly watch him. That vision may be coming in the next decade, but not quite in the same fashion that Orwell imagined.

Back In Black

An outstanding video montage featuring footage from Alex Jones' documentary films.

Bush will negotiate with Iran.

>> "Bride Has Cold Feet"

>> Daily Show: A Spot of Indecision 2005

>> Faces of Bush

North Korea 'has six nuclear weapons'

The United Nations' main nuclear watchdog believes that North Korea has up to six nuclear weapons, its chief said yesterday.

CNN Report On Bilderberg Meeting
To my surprise, this is actually quite balanced. The conspiracy theorists term is thrown around as per usual but the goal of one world government is admitted.
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