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Man dies in Miami-Dade jail after police stun him with Taser

``He started swinging his arms around with one handcuff on,'' (Well he deserved to die then didn't he?)


>> Coincidence? Bush floating around the German Border whilst Bilderberg is in Session near Munich

>> Accused Sept. 11 plotter claims he was set up

>> Appeals Court Backs Dismissal of Sibel Edmonds Suit on F.B.I.

>> U.N. Sex Abuse Allegations Double in 2004

>> THE LIBERATION CONTINUES: Car bomb shakes major Baghdad square

>> Horror over new hostage video

>> Russian security forces say they foiled major terrorist attack

>> How can 36% of the vote give one party total power?

>> It Won't Stop Another War: The US Military Overextended?

>> Another Foreign Policy Debacle?


Daily Show: A Spot of Indecision 2005


>> N.B. police probe Taser death

>> Phone call from mom gets student suspended

>> FBI Releases NYC Teens Detained for 6 Weeks

>> Intelligence directorate (Giant Globalist Spy Agency) Takes Shape: Negroponte appoints handful of top deputies

>> Orwellian REAL ID not tri-national (for now)

>> States Hunt Down Online Cigarette Buyers

>> Police Say Parents Can Get Arrested If Child Is Out Late

>> Concern mounts over North Korea

>> China defends diplomacy on N Korea

>> North Korean nuclear test would have disastrous consequences: UN nuclear chief


>> Freemason's Child ID program rolls on

>> Big Brother eyeing your cows

>> Your Identity, Open to All


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Along on the shopping 'spree': it's Big Brother

Mr. Bank was watching me. Mr. Bank did not allow me to make purchases on my very own credit card - even after his boss, the bank president, had offered me a special deal to do just that!

The Phony "Free Trade" Lobby

All of these international trade agreements, from the World Trade Organization to the proposed FTAA, embrace forms of government intervention that contradict the philosophy of free trade. All have some form of sanction mechanism to enforce the will of the deciding body at the top...

The Bizarro U.S., where conservatives are powerless and liberals rule the day, is having an election.

>> Faces of Bush

>> Passion of the Anti-Christ

>> Daily Show: Jihad Stuff

Bush Administration Lies to Besmirch Iran

The frustration of the Bush administration with Iran regarding its nuclear program is obviously boiling over when an administration official issues an outright lie about Iran in a public venue, as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns did on television on May 5.

Anti-Bush Members Are Voted Out of Church
Do not criticize our great one, Lord Bush, our leader and our saviour
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