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Officers Accused of Handcuffing 5-Year-Old

Two officers accused of handcuffing a 5-year-old boy after a fight on a school bus have been suspended with pay from police duties while the city investigates the allegations, authorities said.

>> Blair out by Christmas?

>> Voting fraud exposed in Bethnal Green and Bow

>> Hundreds wiped off vote register

>> UK consulate blast may have Middle East link

>> West tied to sex abuse in '70s, using office to lure young men

>> Fla. man struck by lightning twice

>> Wellington man held in desertion case

>> Ex-wife: Charles Graner a 'monster'

>> Putin criticizes Allies for Dresden bombing

>> Scientific American Plans 9/11 Hit Piece

>> Hundreds Of Millions Assigned To Iraq Rebuilding Goes Missing

>> Blast at UK's New York consulate

>> Bloomberg : don't jump to conclusions about blasts

>> Britain's voters heading to polls

>> Britons could face minority rule

>> Kucinich Blasts Dean for Supporting War

>> Ghandi Quotes On Fighting Tyranny

>> Pope was investigating Knights Templar before his election

>> Bush, Blair and the Osama Tapes

>> The unholy trinity of electronic snooping: Bolton, Negroponte and Hayden

>> Another Bush Earpiece Moment

Faces of Bush


>> Disturbing Story Of Police Abuse

>> Congress set to impose ID card rules

>> Ashcroft lauds Patriot Act in Salt Lake

>> Library use an open book as Pat Act renewals loom

>> Appleton Leaders Reject Proposal to Condemn Patriot Act

>> Italian website banned over 'Nazi' pope picture

>> Bush: Belarus Last Dictatorship in Europe (Bomb 'em or start a fake coup!)

>> Russian Military to Spend Largest Sum on Arms Since Collapse of Soviet Union

>> Taiwan alarm at China panda offer

>> Turkey Is Gathering Troops Along Southern Border With Iraq

>> Bulgaria parliament votes to pull all troops from Iraq by year's end

>> Israel denies involvement after arrest of Pentagon expert


>> RFID-enabled pervasive employee monitoring

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First a National ID Card Then A (Ouch) Bio-Chip

The U.S. government (a.k.a. Big Brother), in its unrelenting effort to keep tabs on everything you do, say, read, write, even think, can’t implant an electronic bio-chip under your skin. Not yet. The electorate (sheep disguised as people), won’t hold still for it. It has to be snuck in.

Governments Kill More People Than Wars

A reminder to naive cognitive dissonance dupes who whine, 'they'd never do that!' when THEY HAVE done exactly that throughout history.

The Liberals thinks he controls the administration and he can't even control his own face.

>> Passion of the Anti-Christ

>> Daily Show: Jihad Stuff

>> Cha-Ching

China rattles arms at US Asia presence

China is expected to deploy three new strategic missiles over the next decade as part of an aggressive military build-up seen threatening US forces in the region, a US intelligence official said on Tuesday.

Exit poll suggests Labour victory
IMAGINE MY SHOCK. Tony Blair is on course to win an historic third term for Labour but with a much reduced majority, according to a joint BBC/ITV exit poll.
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