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Italian website banned over 'Nazi' pope picture

An Italian website that published a photo montage of Pope Benedict XVI dressed in a Nazi uniform was told to suspend its activities on Wednesday for offending the Roman Catholic religion, court officials said.

>> CNN: WTC Collapse Looked Like Implosion

>> IBM to axe 13,000 jobs worldwide

>> Body of second missing US pilot found in Iraq

>> Major WTC Insurance Company Questions Building 7 Collapse As Potential Fraud

>> Russian Pilots To Make Rain Stay Away At Military Parade

>> Puppet “human rights ministry” documents cases of US soldiers raping Iraqi boys

>> Arrest made at Coulter speech

>> Israeli F-16 jet crashes in northern Palestine

>> Boy finds snake in breakfast cereal

>> Court Rules IBM Does Not Have To Face Nazi Charges

>> Congress to force agencies to identify video news

>> Suicide bomber kills at least 60 in northern Iraq

>> 'Bring me the head of Bin Laden'

>> Tony Blair, Down to the Wire - Can He Squeak By?

>> Lying on Air America to Support the War: Al Franken is a Big Fat Phony


>> Did slain aid worker Marla Ruzicka end up aiding the occupation?

>> With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

Passion of the Anti-Christ


>> New drivers' licenses become a high-tech ID

>> German lawmakers want to ban smoking for drivers

>> U.S. asks for more data on travelers

>> Plainclothes troopers crash Shippensburg students' parties

>> Chicago tests new siren warning system

>> Secret REAL ID talks still ongoing

>> Israel plans air strikes on Iran's nuclear sites

>> Russia Working on Secret Weapons — Defense Minister

>> Report: Japan to Withdraw 550 Troops

>> South Korea voices concern over North Korean nuclear standoff


>> Cisco slammed for RFID staff tracker

>> Lawmaker Rips RFID Passport Plans

>> Australian state moves to stop employer e-mail spying

>> Malaysia to fingerprint babies

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Police board suggesting cameras to curb crime

In an effort to put a stop to criminal and anti-social behaviour after-hours on Scott Street, the Police Services Board wants the town to install a surveillance system in the downtown area.

Another Bush Earpiece Moment

What's it going to take for the left to realize Bush is just a puppet? Do we have to see the strings or what?

What would Jesus think?

>> Daily Show: Jihad Stuff

>> Cha-Ching

>> Daily Show: Energy Plan

NK Fired Russian Missile: Official

The Defense Ministry said Wednesday that the missile North Korea fired into East Sea is an upgraded version of Russia's SS21, marking the first official confirmation of North Korea's missile launch.

Government Researchers Tested AIDS Drugs on Foster Kids
Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children over the past two decades, often without providing them a basic protection afforded in federal law and required by some states, an Associated Press review has found.
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