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Protesters Subject To Police Choking, Pain Compliance

After Tent State University education fee protesters refused to leave a field and wanted to camp there for the night, police used chokeholds and 'pain compliance' to disperse them.

>> Old Glory covers 'Mexico' billboard

>> Robert De Niro Had 9-11 Premonition

>> Thousands of Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest Outside Israeli Consulate

>> Take note Schiavo killers: Progress fuels hope for recovery of brain-damaged firefighter

>> U.S. Military Loses Contact With Two Jets

>> Greenspan's Remarkable 1966 Admission About Gold

>> The Secret Behind Blair's Wars

>> Rumsfeld to Free Saddam If He Stops Armed Insurrection

>> Baghdad car bombs kill shoppers

>> US military investigation into death of Italian agent exposed

>> Print newspaper circulation continues free fall

>> Revealed: Blair to upgrade Britain's nuclear weapons

>> UK 9-11 Skeptics Pay Tony Blair A Visit

>> Revealed: documents show Blair's secret plans for war

>> Lesson from a Total Defeat for the US: The End of the Vietnam War, 30 Years Ago



>> Terror laws used on photographer

>> Activists rush to aid jailed separatist, defend property

>> Police toy with 'less lethal' weapons

>> Fall River police handcuff 7-year-old special needs boy outside his elementary school

>> 1 in every 138 Americans is behind bars

>> New Laser Guns Being Developed for US Police

>> It's time to put Tasers away for good

>> School locked down due to concealed 30-inch burrito

>> 'Nuke Strike on Yongbyon Creates 550,000 Victims'

>> Asia calm on N Korea missile test

>> US hoping to start its withdrawal from Iraq in December


>> Lawman likes eye in sky as monitor

>> Big Brother is Watching...And Stealing From You

>> Cameras to be placed in city buildings

>> High-tech taxis coming soon

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Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin

Only three or four years ago, if you mentioned that government and big business were interested in putting a microchip under your skin, you might have shaken your head in disbelief. Your eyes might have glazed over. I’ve seen the response.

The CIA Created The Drug Culture

In the 1950's, the CIA experimented with LSD for use in interrogation and as a weapon. In the 1960's they used this weapon to divert idealistic Americans from the path of social action to one of introspection and self-gratification, i.e. "spiritual liberation."

Whisper it into his ear.

>> Daily Show: Energy Plan

>> Daily Show: Where are They Now?

>> Without Glee

US has 'significant' deterrent capability against North Korea: Rice

The United States has "significant deterrent capability" to thwart North Korea's nuclear ambitions, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned Monday as the White House called a weekend missile test by Pyongyang "provocative."

Iraqi press under attack from authorities in Iraq
All these cases are under investigation by the Iraqi Association to Defend Journalists, a union that formed amid a chilling new trend of alleged arrests, beatings and intimidation of Iraqi reporters at the hands of Iraqi security forces.
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