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Fall River police handcuff 7-year-old special needs boy outside his elementary school

The boy was handcuffed around his wrists and ankles on Thursday until he calmed down and his mother came to pick him, police said. The boy, who police did not identify, faces assault and battery charge in juvenile court.

>> The secret Downing Street memo

>> Blair saw legal caveats a year before invasion

>> British military chief: Blair will go down with me if it comes to it

>> Western officials secretly met with Arab opposition

>> Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report

>> US launches inquiry into 'rehearsal for hijack' on Flight 327

>> 3 Afghan Civilians, 4 Taleban Killed in U.S. Coalition Airstrike (that's one more Taleban than Civillians so it's OK)

>> New bomb attacks kill 11 Iraqis and a US soldier (and they tell us the violence is winding down)

>> Google searches for quality not quantity (mainstream controlled media reacting to alternative news boom)


>> Another Mad Bush Press Conference

>> Horror Of Depleted Uranium Not Limited To Iraq

>> Automating camera surveillance for social control and military domination

>> Reader Defends 'Pod' Evidence

>> Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

>> Churchill wrote that goal of Dresden bombing was "terror"

Daily Show: Energy Plan


>> 1 in every 138 Americans is behind bars

>> New Laser Guns Being Developed for US Police

>> It's time to put Tasers away for good

>> School locked down due to concealed 30-inch burrito

>> Military probe finds prisoners abused at Guantanamo -NYT (Tell us something we don't know)

>> Police step up security against al-Qa'eda election day attack

>> Government pumping millions into "Masters Degrees" in Terror and Homeland Security

>> Father Jailed Opposing Gay Education For Kindergarten Son

>>Sisters told to remove anti-abortion T-shirts

>>Urban combat weapons delivered for testing

>> Israeli spy master: 'Syrian president could be toppled'

>> Bush lambastes Kim Jong-il as 'dangerous'

>> Iran May Resume Nuclear Work as Talks Fail

>> Qatar buys off Al-Qaeda attacks with oil millions (INVADE THEM!)

>> PA rolls out red carpet for 'ally' Putin


>> Remote-control aerial cameras to watch for troublemakers

>> NSA targeting civillians: Spying: Giving Out U.S. Names

>> Biometric Scans To Join A Gym

>> California bill would ban tracking chips in IDs

>> Ads That Know What You Want



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Rolling Camera Eyeballs Danger

The camera is rugged enough to be dropped from a two-story building or thrown hard onto a concrete floor or into any space where police or soldiers want to pursue suspects, serve warrants, locate hostages or search for contraband.

Lesson from a Total Defeat for the US: The End of the Vietnam War, 30 Years Ago

The war in Vietnam that ended 30 years ago with a complete triumph for the Communists was the longest, most expensive and divisive American war in its history, involving over a half-million U.S. forces at one point-plus Australian, South Korean, and other troops.

Bush meets with Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and confirms that he's queer for oil.

>> Daily Show: Where are They Now?

>> Without Glee

>> Big Smile

N.Korea Nuclear Test Could Change Dynamics in Asia

North Korea needs to conduct a test to see if the vast sums it spent to develop atomic weapons have produced a working bomb, analysts say, but the political fall-out from such a blast could paralyze its already crippled economy.

Revealed: documents show Blair's secret plans for war July 2002, a few weeks after meeting George Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, Mr Blair summoned his closest aides for what amounted to a council of war. The minute reveals the head of British intelligence reported that President Bush had firmly made up his mind to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein, adding that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy".
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