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Pseudo-Intellectual Hit Piece Emblematic Of Crumbling Elitist Media
The New York Magazine's Joe Hagan has done his level best to ingratiate himself with leftist media elites by championing Cass 'ban free speech' Sunstein as part of a smear piece on Alex Jones that recycles the same tired old clichés in a bid to make deluded intellectuals feel more comfortable about sticking their heads in the sand while a malevolent global elite that Hagan is intent on proving doesn't exist masterminds America's downfall.

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MELTDOWN: Plutonium Found In Ground At Fukushima As Cover Up Continues
Japanese news is reporting that most highly radioactive isotope known to man, plutonium, has been discovered in the soil in multiple different locations at the ailing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Even so, the Japanese government and the plant operators maintain there is no risk to human health.

Radiation levels at Japan nuclear plant reach new highs

Highly radioactive water spreads at Japan plant
Highly radioactive water has leaked from a reactor turbine building at a stricken nuclear plant in Japan, the operator said Monday, adding to fears the liquid is seeping into the environment.

No UN mandate to attack Gaddafi forces: Russia
Russia said on Monday attacks on forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi amounted to intervention in a civil war and were not backed by the U.N. resolution authorising no-fly zones.

Nuclear Expert Calls Global Warming Alarmist Monbiot "Criminally Irresponsible" For Downplaying Fukushima
Prominent nuclear and radiation expert Dr. Christopher Busby has slammed British global warming alarmist George Monbiot as being "criminally irresponsible" for writing a series of articles for the Guardian in which Monbiot downplays the threat of radiation from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in a bid to shore up his claims about man-made climate change being a far deadlier concern.

Radiation detected in Massachusetts rainwater as Fukushima crisis worsens
When Does a Nuclear Disaster End? Never
Gov’t asks treatment plants not to take in rainwater due to radiation
Following The Earlier TEPCO Reporting Flap, Here Is A Simple Way To Resolve The True Radioactivity At Reactor 2

Comparing Japan’s Radiation Release to “Background Radiation”
Apologists for the type of old, unsafe nuclear reactors which are leaking in Japan argue that the amount of radiation released from Fukushima is small compared to the amount of “background radiation”.

Stop and search could be used against anti-monarchy anarchists at royal wedding, say police
Police are considering using stop and search powers to prevent troublemakers disrupting the royal wedding, a senior commander confirmed today.

Orwell 2011: Towards a Pervasive “Surveillance State” in America
Not since AT&T whistleblower Marc Klein’s 2006 revelations that U.S. telecommunications giants were secretly collaborating with the government to spy on Americans, has a story driven home the point that we are confronted by a daunting set of invisible enemies: the security and intelligence firms constellating the dark skies of the National Security State.

Young Girls BANNED From Selling Girl Scout Cookies On Their Own Front Lawn

Once upon a time in America, if you were a couple of little girls and you wanted to sell lemonade or girl scout cookies at a little stand in front of your home nobody would give you any problems. In fact, most of the people passing by would have smiled and would have seen it as a sign of hope that the next generation was being so industrious.

‘Death Squad’: Full horror emerges of how rogue U.S. brigade murdered and mutilated innocent Afghan civilians – and kept their body parts as trophies
Shocking new details emerged today of how American troops formed a ‘death squad’ to randomly murder Afghan civilians and mutilate their corpses.

Rolling Stone Publishes 17 More Graphic Photos Of U.S. ‘Kill Team’ In Afghanistan

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk: Lets Be Clear – This Is A US Act Of War On Libya
Obama’s unconstitutional war on Libya is aiding Al-Queda and other terrorist organizations. Why is nobody but Dr. Paul pointing this out?

Ron Paul On Possible Obama Impeachment Over Libya
Ron Paul Calls for End to Empire in N.H. Visit

Clinton Says U.S. Won’t Intervene in Syria, Sees Progress in Libya Fight
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. won’t enter into the internal conflict in Syria the way it has in Libya, where the international effort to protect civilians from Muammar Qaddafi is progressing.

Revenge Gaddafi? RT digs for real reasons behind Libya bombing
The reasons behind the intervention in Libya are constantly being questioned. Critics say it’s strange that Libya is being targeted, in particular, when there are several other violent uprisings in the Arab world. RT’s Daniel Bushell reports on what else could be motivating western powers.

Mexico state near US on alert after H1N1 deaths
Authorities in Mexico’s Chihuahua state along the US border announced preventive health measures Sunday to stanch a return of an H1N1 epidemic after four people recently died of the virus.

Liberals Willing to Trade Blood and Treasure for Oil Company Profits Under Obama
The US opts not to interfere in the internal affairs of its allies in the region, no matter how grave the situation becomes.

Depleted uranium: a strange way to protect Libyan civilians
US-led planes bomb Sabha, scores die
Defense Secretary: Libya Did Not Pose Threat to U.S., Was Not ‘Vital National Interest’ to Intervene
US still main force in anti-Libya strikes: Pentagon
Rumsfeld: Leaving Gaddafi in power will ‘embolden’ America’s enemies
Reasons and False Pretexts: Why are They Making War on Libya?

Scarred Cairo: Still no change as revolution clouds clear over Egypt
As the Libyan crisis unfold, revolutionary euphoria in Egypt is subsiding. Many fear the return of the ‘old guard’ and question whether new leaders will bring about the changes they fought for.

Glenn Beck And The Federal Reserve
Last Friday, Glenn Beck did an entire show on the Federal Reserve. It had been a highly publicized show and many people were wondering how Beck was going to handle the subject.

Portugal Latest Stop on Euro’s On Well-Traveled Path to Failure
As the world’s eyes remain riveted on disaster and recovery in Japan and political upheaval in the Mideast, Eurozone nations continue their struggle to salvage the euro.

Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu shots to brain damage, autism
The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this time by researchers from the University of Brazil.

Gingrich admits to a double flip-flop on Libya intervention
Newt Gingrich can’t make up his mind.


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