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Libyan Rebel Leader Admits Links To “Al Qaeda” Fighters
The commander of anti Gaddafi rebels forces in Libya has admitted that among the ranks of those fighting against the government are islamic militants who have fought and killed US troops in Iraq, otherwise known as “al qaeda” fighters.

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Radiation: Nothing to See Here?
Administration spokespeople continuously claim “no threat” from the radiation reaching the US from Japan, just as they did with oil hemorrhaging into the Gulf. Perhaps we should all whistle “Don’t worry, be happy” in unison. A thorough review of the science, however, begs a second opinion.

As TEPCO Reports Increased Possible Radiation Release, Japan Expands Voluntary Evacuation Radius To 30 km

Household wealth down 23% in 2 years – Fed
A rare survey of U.S. households, first performed in 2007 but repeated in 2009 in order to gauge the effects of the recession, reveals the median net worth of households fell from $125,000 in 2007 to $96,000 in 2009.

Japanese Authorities Admit Deadly MOX Plutonium Reactor Is Leaking
While the mass media has all but dropped its interest in the Fukushima crisis to focus on Libya and meaningless side-issues like the death of Elizabeth Taylor, the nuclear nightmare only worsens, as Japanese authorities admit that reactor number 3, which is the only reactor to contain MOX plutonium, is now leaking.

Radiation Is Beyond Zone, Report Says

Indiana prosecutor told Wisconsin governor to stage ‘false flag’ operation
An Indiana prosecutor and Republican activist has resigned after emails show he suggested Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stage a fake attack on himself to discredit unions protesting his budget repair bill.

How Can America Create Wealth If Our Industrial Base Is Destroyed? 50,000 Manufacturing Jobs Have Been Lost Every Month Since 2001

American Interventionism: Protecting the Profit Machine
America is the spawn of empire building and from the start has itself engaged heavily in that activity. In nearly all cases it has shown a preference for bribery, coercion, intimidation and force over diplomacy and cooperation.

Napolitano Warns Police Chiefs About Evolving Terrorism and Domestic Extremism – Lauds DHS ‘Fusion Centers’
America faces a “constantly changing” terrorism threat that includes expanding partnerships among al Qaeda-inspired terrorist groups, said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Killing Civilians in Afghanistan is Terrorism
In Kabul, on the same day that Der Spiegel released photos documenting American soldiers posing with the bodies of civilians they murdered, the Transitional Justice Coordinating Group (TJCG), the umbrella organization for NGO’s in Afghanistan that are pursuing transitional justice, gathered Afghan, Australian, American, and German peacemakers to discuss methods to bring peace and security to Afghanistan.

CBO: Taxing mileage a ‘practical option’ for revenue enhancement
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) this week released a report that said taxing people based on how many miles they drive is a possible option for raising new revenues and that these taxes could be used to offset the costs of highway maintenance at a time when federal funds are short.

Farage: Rompuy Says Libya Attack About “Regime Change”
The UN says it’s alarmed by the looming humanitarian crisis in Libya. Officials warn food supply lines have been disrupted and over three hundred thousand refugees have already fled the country. Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of the UK Independence Party, believes the whole military strategy in Libya has not been thought through.

Celente: Would US target Libya if they had broccoli instead of oil?

Libya: The Objective of “Humanitarian Bombing” is Death and Destruction
The objective of the media disinformation campaign is to blatantly obfuscate the loss of life of civilians. Western media reports on casualties are heavily convoluted. Tomahawk missiles and aerial bombings are upheld as instruments of peace and democracy. They do not result in civilian deaths.

Saudis want their troops out of Bahrain
Hundreds of Saudi anti-government protesters have taken to the streets in the country’s Eastern Province, condemning the kingdom’s military intervention in Bahrain.

Follow The Fall Of The Canadian Government Live

350 British special forces already deep inside Libya… and more are ready to be deployed
Hundreds of British troops have been deployed deep inside Libya targeting Colonel Gaddafi’s forces – and more are on standby.

US May Supply Gaddafi Rebels With Weapons
Gates calls for Syrian forces to move aside
Syrian Uprising Is Latest Globalist-Backed Coup d’état
The N799WW Mystery: CIA Linked Plane Left Libya On Eve Of Action
NATO Aggression on Yugoslavia: Challenging an Illegal War

Egypt to protest against anti-protest law
The new decree-law issued by the cabinet yesterday draws the ire of activists and labourers who plan to take their objections to the street in massive protests on Friday.

No-fly zone next in Belgium?! Clashes as police disperse mass protests
Police and protesters have clashed in Brussels, as European Union leaders are gathering there for a fresh attempt to address the EU’s year-long debt crisis.

The Stock Market Is In A State Of Denial
Those of you who watch financial TV or read the financial media have probably heard the current market referred to as the “nothing matters” market since it is supposedly ignoring a spate of negative news.

Economic Terrorists: That’s You
Gold And Silver Are Thriving While The U.S. Dollar Is Dying
As Adjusted Monetary Base Rises By Half A Trillion In 2011, Treasury Runs Out Of Debt Ceiling Delay Measures

Obama curtails Miranda rights for American terrorism suspects
The Obama administration has created a new policy that allows investigators to waive Miranda warnings for domestic-terror suspects, even when there is not an “immediate threat,” a report said Thursday.

Interactive Food Sovereignty Map tracks states, localities that have passed food freedom laws
The battle to preserve freedom of food choice rages on as many towns, cities, and even entire states work to pass food sovereignty laws that prohibit the federal government from interfering with health and food freedom.


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