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Reports Of “Harmless” Radiation Reaching California Are a Whitewash
Exactly as we predicted would happen, authorities have cited “miniscule” levels of radiation reaching California as an excuse with which to downplay the threat to Americans of fallout crossing the Pacific from Japan, completely ignoring the fact that the bulk of the radiation from the two blasts at the Fukushima power plant will not reach the west coast until Monday.

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Ann Coulter tells O’Reilly: Radiation is ‘good for you’
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter joined Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Thursday night to discuss her new piece titled “A Glowing Report on Radiation.”

US Troops Ready to Enter Japan’s Nuclear Danger Zone

US Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High
One would think that after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Americans could at least catch a break for a while with deflationary forces keeping the cost of living relatively low. That’s not the case.

Another Illegal War Of Slaughter Couched In "Humanitarian" Doublespeak
Those who were asking what the "international community" planned to do in response to the escalating global crisis surrounding the nuclear plant in Fukushima now have their answer - bomb Libya. As if the world wasn't experiencing enough turmoil and devastation, another illegal war of aggression has been launched in a volatile region, couched in the retching Orwellian doublespeak of 'no fly zones' and 'humanitarian' rhetoric.

Libya declares ceasefire after UN resolution
Ron Paul: Libya Airstrikes Unconstitutional – Only Congress Can Declare War
New War: U.N. Authorizes Bombing of Libya
Libya, Hypocrisy and Betrayal by the United Nations: US-NATO’s New War in North Africa of Death and Destruction
Globalist Crimes Against Humanity Expanded Over Libya
A People Betrayed: West Launches New War for Oil in Libya
The Internationalists’ War
‘Libya shuts air space to all flights’
Qaddafi Troops Near Benghazi May Face Air Attack Soon
Oil prices soar as UN approves no-fly zone in Libya

Preview: Charlotte Iserbyt – The Miseducation of America
Coming to in April 2011, Part One of our exclusive interview with Charlotte Iserbyt breaks down how conditioning/training under a corporate agenda has replaced traditional education, leading to a deliberate dumbing down of Americans.

Saving Money? Not In This Economy – 22 Facts That Prove Middle Class Families Are Being Savagely Crushed
The 22 facts that you are about to read are all real, although admittedly they are hard to believe. The sad truth is that millions of middle class families in the United States today are being savagely crushed by this economy.

Debt Problem: Who In The World Is Going To Buy The Billions Of Dollars Of Debt The U.S. Government Is Constantly Pumping Out Now?

Alex Jones: Pentagon preparing for Martial Law
State budgets are broke, the federal government is mired in conflict and partisan divide and people all over the country are taking to the streets. Is the system itself collapsing? Alex Jones says the US Empire must go down or we all go down with it, we don’t have a choice, choose sides, it is either us or them we’re at historic crossroads right now.

Swedish Government: Radiation To Cover Entire Northern Hemisphere
Suggesting that levels of radiation leaks from the stricken Fukushima plant are being grossly underreported by Japanese authorities, a Swedish government agency told Reuters today that not only will the radiation reach North America, but it will subsequently cover the entire northern hemisphere.

Donald Trump reveals he’s a birther
Donald Trump isn’t even running for president yet, but he is already gearing up for the primaries by pandering to the Republican base.

Bloodbath in Yemen: No UN Action for the Peace Laureate’s Pal
The regime in Yemen will not face military intervention by the UN to stop its slaughter of unarmed civilians. There will be, at most, a few stern words from the Obama Administration urging “restraint on both sides” — even as the Peace Laureate carries on his secret bombing campaigns and covert military operations in Yemen.

“Humanitarian Wars are Good for Business”…. Speculators Applaud
U.S. Arming Libyan Rebels Via Egypt

War Propaganda Begins: Media Reports Gaddafi is “Collecting Bodies” To Blame Deaths On UN Bombing
Libyan government officials say they have declared a ceasefire. Libyan rebels say the ceasefire is a hoax. The Western military industrial establishment says it will send fighter jets anyway.

Hillary: Cease-Fire Not Good Enough – We Want War!

Epic Fail: Libya Declares Ceasefire
Libya attempted to derail the United Nations’ cobbled together vote to bomb the country by declaring a ceasefire.

Globalists To Bomb Libya Despite Cease-Fire; US Deploys More Ships

Yemen Unrest: ‘Dozens Killed’ as Gunmen Target Rally
Unidentified gunmen firing on an anti-government rally in the Yemeni capital Sanaa have killed at least 39.

Nuclear plant chief weeps as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people
The boss of the company behind the devastated Japanese nuclear reactor today broke down in tears – as his country finally acknowledged the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens.

Nuclear Crisis in Japan Follows Decades of Faked Safety Reports, Accidents

Japan weighs need to bury nuclear plant
Japanese engineers conceded on Friday that burying a crippled nuclear plant in sand and concrete may be a last resort to prevent a catastrophic radiation release, the method used to seal huge leakages from Chernobyl in 1986.

Wind Shift at Japan Reactor Site
Shifting winds lie ahead for the Japanese nuclear reactor, likely culminating in an interval of unfavorable onshore winds before the end of the week.

MOX plutonium fuel used in Fukushima’s Unit 3 reactor two million times more deadly than enriched uranium

Exposed: Nuclear fuel rods inside wrecked reactor as experts predict radioactive plume will reach Britain in two weeks
These pictures show overheating fuel rods exposed to the elements through a huge hole in the wall of a reactor building at the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant.

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation
This is written for the millions of people around the world who are worried about radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactors. For those who are not worried about radiation from Japan, you can ignore this post, or save it for any future radiation scares closer to home.

Beware of ‘fake’ potassium iodide: FDA
Obama tells Americans: Do NOT prepare for radioactive fallout, just listen to your government

Cover-up in Canada: Radioactive Leak Into Lake Ontario
With all the focus placed on the Japanese radiation leak as well as the toxic plume of radioactive particles (possibly containing uranium and plutonium) heading for the United States, another potential disaster is receiving virtually no attention.


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