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Alarm Over Spent Fuel Rods Threatens “Chernobyl on Steroids”
Perhaps the most underreported and deadliest aspect of the three explosions and numerous fires to hit the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor since Saturday is the fact that highly radioactive spent fuel rods which are stored outside of the active nuclear rod containment facility are likely to have been massively compromised by the blasts, an elevation in the crisis that would represent “Chernobyl on steroids,” according to nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen.

New Fire Hits Number 4 Reactor At Fukushima

Panic Buying: Stocks Of Potassium Iodide Exhausted In U.S.
We are getting numerous reports from readers that stocks of potassium iodide, which is used to protect the body against the effects of nuclear fallout, are completely sold out across the United States. Checks of health supplement websites in the U.S. also confirmed that stocks are completely exhausted.

Japanese PM Attempts to Calm Nation as Massive Radiation Spreads

U.S. Navy: Low-level radiation detected at some Tokyo-area bases
The Navy said very low levels of airborne radiation were detected Tuesday morning at greater Tokyo-area bases in Yokosuka and Atsugi, prompting commanders to direct base residents to remain indoors as a precaution.

Airlines start cancelling flights to Tokyo
Lufthansa, Europe’s biggest airline group by revenues, has cancelled flights to Tokyo’s main international airport of Narita as Japan’s nuclear crisis deepens.

6.0 quake shakes Tokyo region
A STRONG quake was felt late on Tuesday in Tokyo, shaking buildings in Japan’s capital four days after a massive tremor sparked a devastating tsunami that ravaged the country’s north-east coast.

Radioactive Winds Head Towards Tokyo As Some Flee Capital
With Japanese authorities confirming that the third blast at Fukushima's stricken nuclear plant caused radioactive particles to be released directly into the atmosphere, localized winds are blowing the radiation towards Tokyo, causing many to flee the capital, but the longer term trajectory of upper atmosphere prevailing winds will still send any potential radiation cloud towards the U.S. west coast.

Tokyo Exodus Beginning?
If the following letter posted by the BBC Blog is indicative of prevailing popular mood in the Japanese capital now that the government has lost credibility, Tokyo may soon be a ghost town.

Radiation Levels Shoot Up In Tokyo, Vicinity

Gamma Radiation In Fukushima-Downwind Ibaraki Disclosed, 30 Times Above Normal
For all who have been looking for realtime radiation data from Japan, you are in luck. Or maybe not, as the data unfortunately indicates nothing good.

Fukushima nuclear catastrophe forces world to rethink future of nuclear power

Japan’s Nikkei plunges 11 percent on radiation fears, sending global markets into a tailspin
Japan’s stock market nose-dived nearly 11 percent, leading world markets sharply lower on Tuesday, as an escalating nuclear crisis threatened to compound the devastation from last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

14 Reasons Why The Economic Collapse Of Japan Has Begun
World Stocks, Oil Slump on Japan Nuclear Fears

Ghosts of Chernobyl: Meltdown spectre haunts humanity despite techno know-how
The Japanese disasters have raised questions as to whether nuclear technology can ever be called safe to use. EU nuclear experts are considering if the union should eventually move away from nuclear energy.

U.S. Government Blocking Americans From Obtaining Potassium Iodide?
U.S. health authorities could be blocking Americans from obtaining the radiation-fighting drug potassium iodide, even as the threat of a radioactive cloud from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant affecting the United States prompts panic buying, which has led to stocks of the drug running out across the country.

Mass Evacuations Begin From North East Of Japan, Tokyo
As the scale of the nuclear disaster unfolding at the stricken Fukushima’s nuclear plant begins to be finally realised, despite the Japanese government’s continued underplaying of the situation, mass evacuations are are underway with people fleeing Tokyo and North Eastern areas of the country in order to avoid a toxic cloud of radiation heading their way.

Truth About Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Being Covered Up
In a special video, Alex Jones addresses the tendency of governments to lie, with focus on Japan’s nuclear meltdown crisis.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Marc Faber On The Japanese Disaster, On A 20% Market Correction And On QE18
Marc Faber appeared earlier on CNBC in response to a plunging market, and gave his latest updated outlook on QE3… and 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (not to mention 18).

Qaddafi Says He Will Join Al Qaeda If The West Invades
Colonel Qaddafi is switching scare tactics.

Japan in meltdown: THIRD reactor blast hits N-plant as it’s confirmed radiation ‘has been released into the atmosphere’
There was growing panic in Japan today as a third massive explosion and a fire at a nuclear power station hit by the tsunami pushed the country to the brink of catastrophe.

Japan radioactivity could enter food chain, children at risk

US ill-prepared for emergency radiation: study
Most American states are not prepared to cope with a major nuclear radiation event, said a study published Monday that happened to coincide with a feared nuclear disaster in quake-hit Japan.

Are We In Danger of Radioactive Exposure from the Japanese Nuclear Leaks?
Could Nuclear Radiation From A Meltdown Of The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Reactors In Japan Reach The United States?

Iodide Pills Fly Off The Shelves In Hawaii, As Radiation Fears Spread Across The Globe
The official danger zone for radiation stands at 30km, but the fear zone is far wider. And we’re not just talking about Tokyo, where anecdotal reports of people taking bullet trains out of the city are going around.

Give nuke neighbors ‘emergency pills’: US lawmaker

Does The “Ring Of Fire” Guarantee At Least One Magnitude 8 Aftershock, And Ten Of Magnitude 7 Or Higher?
For Japan, it’s nowhere near over, at least if the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory (creator of such brainiac things as the Mars rovers) is correct.

Alarmist IQ Goes Negative : “Global Warming Causes Tsunamis”
A cockroach is smarter than these people. Tree Hugger author apparently believes that disappearing glacial ice in the ocean over the Japan Subduction Zone caused the earthquake.

Qaddafi Retaking Libya
It appears Colonel Qaddafi has begun retaking Libya from globalist-backed rebels with Libyan forces now bearing down on the eastern city of Brega.

Gunpoint Govt: Bloody stalemate looms as Gaddafi seeks control over rebels


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