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Radiation From Fukushima Would Take 7 Days To Reach U.S.
Radioactive particles from the stricken Fukushima nuclear facility would take around a week to reach Alaska and eleven days to reach Los Angeles, according to an analysis, which highlights the fact that prevailing winds over the region would send any potential fallout from the crisis-hit plant drifting towards west coast cities in the United States.

Japan’s nightmare gets even WORSE: All THREE damaged nuclear reactors now in ‘meltdown’ at tsunami-hit power station
Cover Up Of Fukushima Chain Reaction Underway

Japanese death toll to far exceed 10,000
The death toll from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is expected to exceed 10,000 as local and international rescue teams search through the ruins of north-eastern coastal cities for survivors of last Friday’s disaster.

Japan distributes iodine to evacuation centres-IAEA
Japan has provided 230,000 units of stable iodine to evacuation centres as a precautioary measure in the country’s nuclear emergency, the U.N. atomic watchdog said on Monday.

‘UK could arm Libyan rebels’, Hague hints as he says: ‘We must make a decision soon’
William Hague today said the international community is approaching a ‘point of decision’ on military intervention in Libya.

Nuclear Expert: Radiation Could Spread To US West Coast
Nuclear expert Joe Cirincione warns that radiation from Japan's multiple potential nuclear meltdowns could spread to the US west coast and that the threat represents an "unprecedented crisis," as another explosion rocked the Fukushima complex and officials admitted that nuclear fuel rods at reactor number two have been fully exposed.

Second Explosion At Nuclear Plant, US Aircraft Carrier Sails Into Radioactive Cloud
Nuclear fuel rods fully exposed at Japan reactor – Jiji
Radioactivity Detected 60 Miles From Fukushima Power Plant
Super earthquake No2 alert in Japan
Japan : Destruction So Vast, So Comprehensive, Your Brain Can Barely Register What You’re Seeing
Anderson Cooper’s Live Reaction to Hydrogen Explosion: ‘Should I Get Out Of Here?’

Hackers Just Released What They Say Is A Damning Trove Of Emails About Bank Of America And Its Mortgage Practice
Hacker group Anonymous (aka OperationLeaks on Twitter) just released what they say is a trove of damning documents on Bank of America.

Saudi Arabia Prepares To Enter Bahrain
And just when oil was tapering off on hopes that the Middle East supply situation may actually normalize, we get this from The Guardian: “Saudi forces are preparing to intervene in neighbouring Bahrain,”

Gunfire, military deployment as Yemen tensions rise
Heavy gunfire was heard south of the Yemen capital on Monday and soldiers deployed in force in Sanaa itself, with a new wave of rallies reported across the country demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh quit.

Global warming down under: 10 little facts
Each of the following ten numbered statements reproduces verbatim, or almost verbatim, statements made recently by Australian government leaders, and repeated by their media and other supporters. The persons making these arguments might be termed (kindly) climate-concerned citizens or (less kindly, but accurately) as global warming alarmists.

Our Time of Universal Deceit Needs An Orwell
If we were to be blessed with a 21st century George Orwell, he would coin a new “speak” to apply to “support the troops.” Would he call this “Deceptive Speak”? Or would he be more clever?

Both Japan And New Zealand Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions Were Precisely Predicted Last Month By Solar Watchers
Watch this incredible video, posted to Youtube on February 15th, that predicts both recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand by analyzing solar activity.

Nuclear Disaster ‘Will Have Political Impact as Great as 9/11'
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Finns run for iodine after blasts at Japanese nuclear plant
Concerns about possible radiation from Japan’s earthquake-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant sparked a weekend run on iodine tablets as far away as Finland, the country’s largest pharmacy chain said Monday.

France urges citizens to leave Tokyo area
France recommended its citizens leave the Tokyo region on Sunday, citing the risk of further earthquakes and uncertainty over damaged nuclear plants.

General Electric-designed reactors in Fukushima have 23 sisters in U.S.
The General Electric-designed nuclear reactors involved in the Japanese emergency are very similar to 23 reactors in use in the United States, according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission records.

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk: Stay Out of Libya!
The Congressman delivers his weekly update, focusing on the situation in Libya.

How the Japan Earthquake Shortened Days on Earth
The massive earthquake that struck northeast Japan Friday (March 11) has shortened the length Earth’s day by a fraction and shifted how the planet’s mass is distributed.

Massive Japanese Government Cover-Up Concerning Reactor Melt-Down
The conflicting reports coming out of Japan over the last 24 hours point to the very likely possibility of a massive Japanese government cover-up where government officials are telling the public everything is fine while desperately pumping sea water into the reactor cores to prevent them from going Chernobyl.

Store shelves empty in Tokyo as uncertainty reigns
DON’T Take Potassium Iodide Unless You Are Exposed to Radiation
Donate To This Trustworthy Charity To Help Quake Victims (Not The Red Cross)
Tokyo stocks drop 5% in first opening since quake
Here We Go — Global Warming and the Big Quake

The Fed Fails to Create the Stability it Dreams Of
Wall Street at least temporarily relieved of the burden of having to buy Treasuries & Agency bonds, is looking at the jump in oil prices as nothing more than an irritant to their plans for a higher market. Bill Dudley of the NY Fed, a most powerful member, continues to make a vigorous defense of Federal Reserve policies.

Update: Make That 15 Trillion; BOJ Raises Liquidity Injection To JPY12 Trillion ($146 Billion)
Total reactionary panic everywhere now as the BOJ hikes the liquidity injection from 2 to 7 to 12 trillion yen.

Skin cancer group ridiculously says never expose your skin to natural sunlight
Exposing skin to natural sunlight every day is the best way for the body to receive adequate levels of health-promoting and disease-preventing vitamin D.


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