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Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst: "Major War" Coming End Of 2012

When cycle forecaster Charles Nenner told the Fox Business network yesterday that the Dow Jones was set to collapse to the 5,000 level on the back of a "major war" that will shake the globe at the end of 2012, hosts David Asman and Elizabeth MacDonald sat in stunned silence.

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Congressman: TSA “Cooked The Books” To Discourage Use Of Private Security Contractors In Airports
As the world braces itself for Saudi Arabia’s “day of rage” on Friday, which many fear could be the spark that sends oil prices soaring to beyond the $200 a barrel mark, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal issued a veiled threat to the United States, warning that the Kingdom was prepared to “cut foreign fingers” in the event of any outside interference.

TSA Never Tested Full-Body Scans For Mass Transit, Except When It Did
Two Fresh TSA Gropedown Videos: Pregnant Woman pulled aside, TSA Thugs Block Man From Filming Wife Being Groped
Government Claims Unlimited Discretion to Look Through Your Laptop at the Border
TSA employee’s past raises questions
Another Amtrak Train Incident! We have entered a Police State

8 Reasons Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade
If there’s one asset that’s heated up over the last several months amid tensions in the middle east and a second round of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, it’s silver.

Canadian Police Know Websites Visited In Real Time
Halton police say technology is helping them pinpoint predators in their war on child pornography.

Egyptian Revolution? Globalists Own Both Horses In Two Horse Race
Globalist stooge Mohamed ElBaradei is being groomed by the elite to successfully hijack the revolution in Egypt and fend off presidential rival Amr Moussa, who himself is a favored candidate for the US military-industrial complex, meaning that the globalists will own both horses in a two horse race - welcome to "democracy," new world order style.

Should We Be Alarmed That The Biggest Bond Fund In The World Has Dumped All Of Their U.S. Treasury Bonds?
Bill Gross, the manager of the biggest bond fund in the world, has forgotten more about bonds than most of us will ever learn. That is why the big move that PIMCO has just made is so unsettling.

Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts
The American Empire is failing. A number of its puppet rulers are being overthrown by popular protests, and the almighty dollar will not even buy one Swiss franc, one Canadian dollar, or one Australian dollar.

United Front Against Iran
“Which Path to Persia?” was a Brookings Institute report written in 2009 describing in excruciating detail the Anglo-Americans’ designs against Iran.

President Obama Cracks Joke About Being Born in Hawaii
President Obama Cracks Joke About Being Born in Hawaii – blurb – “I think there’s nothing — there’s no weakness in us trying to reach out and seeing if we can find common ground. Now, there are going to be times where we can’t. I was born in Hawaii, what can I say? I mean, I just… I can’t change those facts.”

Dade Cops Waiting To Get Crime Fighting Drone Airborne
Miami-Dade’s newest crime fighting tool is a literal ‘eye in the sky’.

Hansen 1986 : “2 to 4? Degrees Warming From 2001-2010
The world’s greatest climatologist spoke!

NOAA finds”climate change” blameless in 2010 Russian heat wave

The Betrayal of The American Soldier
The torture of Bradley Manning is not meant for Manning alone. An attack on one is an attack on all. The American soldier, not just Manning, is being betrayed by his government.

Bob Bowman: Star Wars Secrets & Lies
Robert M. Bowman, a former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations has been targeted with death threats, government harassment and three tax audits in two years as a consequence of his bold truth-telling activism, which all started when he blew the whistle on the fact that Reagan’s Star Wars program was an offensive act of military conquest in space and a means of waging aggressive pre-emptive warfare, disguised as a defensive program.

Qaddafi’s Son Says It’s Time For Full-Scale Military Action
Qaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam says the time has come for full-scale military action against the rebels, in an interview with Reuters. While France says Libya’s rebel national council is the only legitimate representative of the country, and will seek to engage in targeted airsrtikes.

Three BBC journalists ‘detained and beaten’ in Libya
Doctors Report Bahrain Using Nerve Gas On Demonstrators

When the Criminals Control the Cameras
It wasn’t long after the introduction of the television camera that those in positions of power began using it to track and surveil the public.

Big Brother’s Eye in the Sky Arrives in Florida

5 Ways DHS Violates the Constitution with Website Domain Seizures

Red alert: Friday’s “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia could rock the world
Friday might be an important day, perhaps the most important day of the decade. It’s the Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia.

Day of Rage: Huge Oil Price Rise could come Friday with Saudi Arabia Protests
Demonstrators defy Saudi ban and take to the streets
Egypt government warns of ‘counter-revolution’
Anti-government protesters may have been hit with nerve gas, doctors say
US Naval Update: To The Shores Of Tripoli
“Operation Libya” and the Battle for Oil

The 31 Most Ridiculous Quotes Of 2011 So Far
In what is perhaps the most startling and disturbing mass animal die-off yet, countless millions of dead anchovies were found this morning floating in King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif., according to reports fromThe Daily Breeze. Officials say they do not know the cause of the event at this time and that investigations are underway.

Gasoline cost to jump $700 for average household
U.S. drivers will pay another 10 cents a gallon for gasoline before the latest jump in wholesale costs is fully passed on at the pump, and yearly motor fuel costs will rise 28 percent from last year, the Energy Department said on Wednesday.

Fed Monetisation is a Political Power Tool
America’s breadbasket aquifer running dry; massive agriculture collapse inevitable

‘Terrorist’ banker plowing into group of bikers
This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report from Cairo about markets loving tyranny, a former prime-minister visiting dictators in the desert for JP Morgan and a Central Banker running over bicyclists. In the second half of the show, Max talks to investigative journalist, Lina Attallah, about the role of social media, women and youth in the Egyptian revolution.

Gingrich says he cheated on his wives because he felt so ‘passionately’ for ‘this country’
Newt Gingrich (R-GA) loves the country so much that it has caused him to stray from his marriages.

US Gov’t Attorneys: Providing Detailed Charges to Those on Terror Lists ‘Extremely Burdensome’
Defense lawyers for organizations on the U.S. government’s “terror list” are frustrated fighting the designation, and seizure of assets in many cases, because the government claims it is too tedious to give an explanation of the charges.


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