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Climategate Investigation A Monumental Whitewash
A Parliamentary investigation into the climategate scandal has cleared the scientists involved of any data fixing and subversion of the peer review process, and notes that the scandal provides no evidence to challenge the notion that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming.

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Reports: Suicide bomber dressed as cop set off blast in Dagestan’s Kizlyar
Russia has been hit by deadly twin bombings for the second time in 3 days. This time 12 people have been killed in Russia’s restive southern republic of Dagestan. It comes as Moscow continues to come to terms with Monday’s attack on the capital’s metro.

EUR At 1.3507: Goldman EURUSD Re-Stop Time
The Euro is now over the 1.35 stop limit. And so Goldman makes a boatload yet again as clients lose. Keep an eye on the official close. We wonder if this means third time will be the charm for GS which should next go EUR bullish (once again, and less than a month after the first failed such call).

Fox News Trawls Infowars Comments, Reports Alex Jones To Authorities
For anyone who thought Fox News would offer any kind of alternative to the fever pitch media demonization campaign being run by the likes of CNN and MSNBC against conservatives, libertarians, and anyone angry at the passage of Obamacare – think again. It turns out that Fox News has been spending its time trawling the comments section of looking for any excuse to shop Alex Jones in to the authorities.

As Predicted, FBI Agent Discovered at Center of Alleged Hutaree Conspiracy

Mumbai Terrorist Was US Agent
After terrorist conspirator and “former” U.S. government agent David Coleman Headley received promises of leniency and extradition protection from American prosecutors for his role in the 2008 Mumbai massacre, speculation about his true masters was set ablaze as outrage erupted across India.

It was never going to be any different
The parliamentary science and technology select committee has done its job on the East Anglia CRU “inquiry”, finding that, “There was no evidence to challenge the ’scientific consensus’ that global warming is induced by human activities.”

Will the Queen stop a second election? Brown could cling on as premier even if Tories win
The Queen could step in and block a second General Election this year in the event of a hung Parliament, to prevent Britain spiralling into an economic crisis.

Peter Schiff: ‘Very Good Reason’ to Believe Home Prices Will Collapse
The latest housing initiative announced today by the Obama Administration draws the U.S. government and, by proxy, all taxpaying Americans, further into the inescapable quagmire of a devastated real estate market.

Greenspan: 100 • Geithner: 40 • Dimon: 7 • Johnson: Economic Crises Happen Every 5 Years In Our Current System

Government set to unveil offshore drilling plan
The Obama administration is expected to announce by Wednesday its updated plan for oil and natural gas drilling in U.S. waters, including whether to allow exploration for the first time along the U.S. East Coast.

Blackwater Taking Over Florida Prison? Hardin, Montana Déjà vu.
Many remember when the American Police Force in black SUVs stormed the small town of Hardin, Montana to take over an empty prison earlier this year.

Whatever You Think of Global Warming … Fascism is Not Cool
Noam Chomsky has previously said that he would submit to fascism if it would help combat global warming.

NASA Data Worse Than Climate-Gate Data, Space Agency Admits

Pet shop owner fined £1,000 and told to wear an electronic tag… for selling a GOLDFISH to a boy aged 14
Her offence was to unwittingly sell a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy taking part in a trading standards ’sting’.

Fox News Calls For Obama To Be Killed While Framing Alex Jones For Instigating Violence
Mass murder promoting Fox News, the network that was instrumental in pushing lies about weapons of mass destruction that resulted in the deaths of over a million innocent people, is so concerned about violent comments on the Internet that it employs teams of people to trawl through anti-establishment websites like looking for reasons to report Alex Jones to the authorities.

Polls: Little Support for Obamacare
Multiple polls show that Americans are still divided on the issue of healthcare, and more often than not, they disapprove of the new healthcare bill.

Americans Fear Totalitarian Obamacare Will Result in Violence

Exclusive: Court Rules in Favor of Rundus in “Million Dollar Bills” Case
A federal court in Texas has ruled in favor of Darrel Rundus and the Great News Network in the “Million Dollar Bills” case. Rundus brought suit against the U.S. government and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano after the Counterfeit Division of the Secret Service illegally confiscated gospel tracts made to resemble one million dollar bills from the Great News Network office in Denton, Texas, on June 2, 2006.

Boehner: Obama Administration’s Decision Keeps Vast Majority of America’s Offshore Energy Resources Off Limits
GOP Leader: “Keeping the Pacific Coast and Alaska, as well as the most promising resources off the Gulf of Mexico, under lock and key makes no sense at a time when gasoline prices are rising and Americans are asking ‘Where are the jobs?’”

CNN Loses Half Its Viewers In A Year
CNN continued what has become a precipitous decline in ratings for its prime-time programs in the first quarter of 2010, with its main hosts losing almost half their viewers in a year.

New Obama Law Places ‘Soviet-Style’ Capital Controls on Americans
Americans’ ability to move their money across international borders may become restricted thanks to new legislation passed last week.

Subway riders question NYPD’s ‘ridiculous’ show of force
Some people in New York are wondering whether the presence of police officers toting machine guns through the city’s subway tunnels is really a necessary response to the subway bombings in Moscow on Monday.

Obamacare is just the beginning of a total take over of America
America must not and will not become like the seduced German people in 1933. We will not stand by and watch Obama turn our country into Frankenstein’s laboratory, shredding our constitution, bill of rights and freedom as Hitler did with his country.

The K Street Hustlin’ of Obamacare

Twelve killed by twin bombings in Russia’s Dagestan
At least 12 people, including a top local police official, have been killed by two suicide bombings in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Dagestan.

Chinese hospital staff disciplined after babies’ bodies found by river
Staffers at an eastern Chinese hospital have been disciplined after the bodies of 21 fetuses and infants were found improperly discarded near a river, according to officials and media reports.

Media weren’t as quick to point out so-called ‘vitriolic’ rhetoric during 1990s congressional debate over welfare reform
Since Obama’s health care legislation has been signed into law, the media have been in overdrive about the backlash – whether it’s been former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s “reload” metaphor “targeting” certain congressional districts or how Republican lawmakers have supposedly encouraged violence by their floor rhetoric.

ACLU: Truancy Courts Violate the Law, Threaten Parents and Children
Last fall, Jeremy Bowen, a 14-year-old student receiving special educational services at Westerly High School in Westerly, Rhode Island, took the courageous step of integrating into mainstream classes.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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