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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Demands Return to the Fairness Doctrine
Ed Schultz, one of the more bombastic “liberals” at MSNBC, has called for “rightwing” talk radio to be shut down.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Search for survivors of sunken South Korea navy ship as officials ‘rule out’ involvement of the North
Hopes faded this morning for 46 South Korean sailors still missing 12 hours after an explosion sank one of the country’s naval vessels.

The Long, Long History Of False Starts Of War Between South And North Korea

CIA paper reveals plans to manipulate European opinion on Afghanistan
Highly aggressive tumors developed around the microchip implants of two American dogs, killing one of the pets and leaving the other terminally ill.

McChrystal admits failure to cut civilian death

Senate crafts pro- business climate bill
Senators writing climate and energy legislation are vigorously courting business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. But they might lose support on the left if they go too far.

Second TSA nominee withdraws his name
The Obama administration’s second choice to lead the Transportation Security Administration withdrew from consideration Friday, days after senators questioned his business and personal dealings as a military contractor who provided services ranging from Iraq war interrogators to private guards at the White House.

UN climate change chief Rajendra Pachauri says sorry — and switches to neutral
The outspoken chairman of the UN’s climate change body is to adopt a neutral advisory role and has agreed to stop making statements demanding new taxes and other radical policies on cutting emissions.

Obamacare "Same Doctor, Same Plan" Promise Is A Bald Faced Lie
President Obama's promise that Americans would still be able to keep the same doctor and the same plan they were on before the health care bill was passed is already collapsing, with businesses, insurance companies and medical device manufacturers jacking up prices in response to Obamacare, and making it clear that the burden of the raft of new taxes imposed by the legislation will fall on Americans across the income spectrum.

Dick Cheney sticks nose in KY Senate race to back Rand Paul’s NeoCon opponent
Indeed, Cheney– the man who helped construct the lies that sold the Iraq War, who endorses perpetual conflict and endless spending in order to maintain over 700 military bases overseas, and who still delusionally calls himself a “conservative”– came out in support of Trey Grayson, one of Rand Paul’s primary opponents.

NATO won’t destroy Afghan poppy fields
NATO has rejected an appeal made by Russia for eradication of opium fields in Afghanistan, arguing that the sole source of income in the region cannot be removed.

Florida unemployment hit record 12.2 percent in February
Florida’s unemployment hit 12.2 percent in February, the highest rate on record, soaring past even the rates recorded in the 1973-1975 recession, the state work force agency said Friday.

The Cashless Society – Alex Jones on Economics 101

U.S. Schoolchildren Don’t Know The Difference Between A Tomato and a Potato
Watch as kids in an elementary school class in Huntington, West Virginia have trouble identifying fresh fruits and vegetables. Huntington has been called the unhealthiest city in America where nearly half of the adults are considered obese.

AT&T sees $1 billion healthcare related charge
AT&T Inc (T.N) said on Friday it would record a $1 billion non-cash charge for the current quarter related to the new U.S. health care reform law, as lawmakers called on the company and three other large employers to testify about expected cost hikes.

Flashback: House Speaker Pelosi admits JAIL is fair for not buying health insurance – 11-9-09

Conyers Cites Imaginary Constitutional Clause in Defense of Obamacare
It is a sad and frightening commentary on the state of the nation. As the video below demonstrates, our elected representatives are clueless about the Constitution, which they are sworn to uphold.

JPMorgan, Lehman, UBS Named in Bid-Rigging Conspiracy
JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and UBS AG were among more than a dozen Wall Street firms involved in a conspiracy to pay below-market interest rates to U.S. state and local governments on investments, according to documents filed in a U.S. Justice Department criminal antitrust case.

The Federal Reserve as a Confidence Game
In February of 2004, I published an article entitled “Greenspam.” The general lesson was not to listen to Greenspan’s deceptive testimony. Delete it from your mind like spam email messages. Watch what he has done and what he is doing, in order to protect your wealth and capital. Discount anything you read about his testimony, except Congressmen Paul’s questions and commentary.

Korea Tensions Pale Alongside Agenda To Attack Iran
An incident in the Yellow Sea that could trigger further heightened tension between North and South Korea is likely to be played down by the globalist power structure in the U.S. because it threatens the focus of their agenda in the middle east.

What You Need To Know About The U.S. Military In Korea

Possibility Korean Boat Sunk By Own Explosives
The JCS said there was a possibility that the explosion was caused by an attack from North Korea or the boat’s own explosives. A South Korean vessel fired warning shots toward the North around the time of the incident after its radar detected a suspicious object, he said. It was believed to be a flock of birds, he added.

Gold Soars After South Korean Ship Attack

Have a Nice World War, Folks
Here is news of the Third World War. The United States has invaded Africa. US troops have entered Somalia, extending their war front from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen and, now, the Horn of Africa.

FLASHBACK: Obama Operative Responsible For Breaking Window To Frame Anti-Obamacare Activists
One of two people suspected of shattering 11 windows Tuesday morning at the state Democratic Party headquarters has an arrest record and a history of helping a Democratic political candidate, public records show.

Ron Paul “We Have Only One Party! And They Fight Over Power & Influence!

Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV: Obamacare is Unconstitutional
Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge, political and legal analyst and the host of Freedom Watch, Andrew Napolitano, explains why Obamacare is an outrage to the Constitution.

Global Warming: Shut Down the IPCC
The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has announced yet another “flaw” in their reports. It’s time – once and for all – to be very clear about the obvious. There are serious conclusions to be drawn from the fact that the “flaws” in the UN reports produced bias in only one direction.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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