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Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records
The Federal Reserve Board must disclose documents identifying financial firms that might have collapsed without the largest U.S. government bailout ever, a federal appeals court said.

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TSA Thug On A Power Trip Threatens to Bar Travel
His response to this was to close into my personal space, trying to intimidate me with his towering figure and large beer-belly. He told me that if I kept filming, he was “turn me over to police” and that I “wouldn’t be allowed to fly.”

US Forest Service admits putting surveillance cameras on public lands

Gerald Celente: Great 2010 Crash is Looming
An attempt to turn around the financial sector. Here in Washington, the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee has drawn up a bill to place regulation on banks and change the role of the Federal Reserve. But even if this legislation moves forward will it prevent another financial collapse. Here to talk about it is Gerald Celente, the director of the Trends Research Institute.

Sarkozy Opposes IMF Loan to Greece, Widens Rift With Germany

Computer snafu is behind at least 50 ‘raids’ on Brooklyn couple’s home
Embarrassed cops on Thursday cited a “computer glitch” as the reason police targeted the home of an elderly, law-abiding couple more than 50 times in futile hunts for bad guys.

Should Conspiratorial Thinking Be The Default Position?
Considering the number of times governments have been caught lying over the last few decades, we have to ask the question, should the belief that major world events and political developments happen as a result of a conspiracy of some form or other be the default position in contemporary thinking, or should we continue to blindly trust government and afford it the credibility it plainly doesn't deserve in order to maintain a perceived sense of order?

Body scans eventually mandatory, TSA official says
All airline passengers in the U.S. will eventually be required to undergo a full-body scan before boarding planes, just as metal detectors became a standard and accepted part of the screening process at airports decades ago, the federal transportation security chief in Chicago said Monday.

Bill Automatically Allows Power Company To Regulate Your Home Temperature
A bill currently awaiting Gov. Gary Herbert’s signature would allow Rocky Mountain Power to automatically enroll customers in its Cool Keeper program.

Obama blocks delivery of bunker-busters to Israel
The United States has diverted a shipment of bunker-busters designated for Israel.

Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow

The Anti-Savings Model – Offer 0.1% APY on Savings Accounts and Charge 15% on Credit Cards. A System Designed to Punish Savers and Encourage Extravagant Spending via Usury
U.S. Banks have a solid incentive, dipped in gold, to keep people in a perpetual state of paying rent on debt while not saving a shiny penny.

Congressman Grayson Demands Release of AIG Emails
Congressman Grayson sent the following letter to AIG’s trustee.

100,000 Federal Employees Owe the IRS $962 Million in Back Taxes
Working for Uncle Sam comes with some great perks, like job stability, posh benefits packages, and in many cases, average salaries that are higher than what the same job pays in the private sector.

Corporate Media Hypes “Homegrown” Threat of Patsies, Dupes, and Mental Deficients
Michael Chertoff, Assistant Attorney General David Kris, and the FBI are warning about the threat of homegrown terrorism.

Australia: Electricity Prices to Rise by Up to 64% As a Result Of Global Warming Schemes
A NSW government rebate will be expanded to more than one million electricity consumers, to allay fears some families will be left in the dark by the state’s largest-ever electricity price increases.

Questions Swirl Around U.N.’s Climate Auditors
A little-known group called the InterAcademy Council has been made the voice of authority on the credibility of climate change, leaving critics scratching their heads — and some key questions unanswered.

Dem Congressman On Health Bill: Insurance Companies Are “Holding Hostages”
A Democratic Congressman has stated that he will refuse to vote yes on the pending health care reform bill, declaring that the legislation represents a vastly bloated giveaway to insurance companies and big pharma.

Showdown Health Care Vote Likely This Weekend
Stupak Says “No” To Health Care Bill Until Abortion Language Changed

Health Care: Obama Approves Sabotaging The Constitution
Obama approves of sabotaging the Constitution. He said he does not “spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are,” in other words violating the spirit and law of the Constitution is not a biggie for him.

Biden: “We’re Going To Control The Insurance Companies”

Washington Times Editorial: Impeach the President?
Mr. Obama is willing to devour his presidency, his party’s congressional majority and – most disturbing – our democratic institutional safeguards to enact it. He is a reckless ideologue who is willing to sacrifice the country’s stability in pursuit of a socialist utopia.

Caterpillar: Health care bill would cost it $100M

Global warming? Al Gore quotes poor Peruvian farmer who complains: ‘We have freezing temperatures when we shouldn’t have freezing temperatures’
Yes, I know that Al Gore et. al. started referring to the imagined phenomenon as “climate change” and “the climate crisis” some time ago, but if it’s not about warming (and is rather about “climate change”) why does he keep showing us graphs that purport to show the earth warming at an unprecedented rate?

Republicans assail IRS provision in health care bill
House Ways and Means Republicans on Thursday assailed a provision in the proposed health care reform bill under consideration this week.

Exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center…Now It’s Personal!
After recovering from the “news” that the new film Camp FEMA is somehow racist, I thought it might behoove me to take another look.

Bernanke footnote: Fed wants end to ‘minimum reserve requirements’

In the footnotes of a speech U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke would have given to the House Financial Services Committee on Feb. 10, lies a unique and startling disclosure.

Google to flee China on April 10, says report
Google may exit China on April 10, according to a report citing an unidentified sales agent for the company.

Blair’s fight to keep his oil cash secret: Former PM’s deals are revealed as his earnings since 2007 reach £20million
Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.

Barack Obama’s “America [Must] Serve” Plan
Throughout Barack Obama’s campaign for president, he expressed his desire to increase community service in America. He outlined his plan, called “America Serves,” on, the website that provided details of his presidential agenda and transition.

Investigate 9/11, Just Not Too Deep
Investigate but dont go too deep, that is the message inside documents from senior officials with the Bush administration to the 9/11 commission as they search for answers after the attacks. Russ Baker says that the government doesnt want full disclosure on this issue and that people who investigate may be crossing the line.

Chairs of Both the 9/11 Commission and the Joint Intelligence Inquiry into 9/11 Said That Government Minders Obstructed the 9/11 Investigation

Obama’s Approval Rating Lowest Yet, Congress’ Declines
President Barack Obama’s job approval is the worst of his presidency to date, with 46% of Americans approving and 48% disapproving of the job he is doing as president in the latest Gallup Daily three-day average.

Dem: ‘If You Don’t Tie Our Hands, We Will Keep Stealing’
“The only way to keep them out of the cookie jar is to give them no choice.”

Beyond Orwell: The Electronic Police State, 2010
A truism perhaps, but before resorting to brute force and open repression to halt the “barbarians at the gates,” that would be us, the masters of declining empires (and the chattering classes who polish their boots) regale us with tales of “democracy on the march,” “hope” and other banalities before the mailed fist comes crashing down.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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