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Announcing the Birth Of The Real Coffee Party
In response to the brazen effort on behalf of Republicans and neo-conservatives to hijack the Tea Party, as well as the establishment's attempt to promote the Obama front "Coffee Party" as a fraudulent alternative, we are announcing the creation of The Real Coffee Party, an organization committed not to partisan bickering, but to the basic principles outlined in the Constitution.

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Kucinich Will Vote To Kill Government Run Health Care
Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has stated that he is willing to effectively kill the government run health care bill by voting against the party line and sticking to his own principles.

Detroit’s desolate middle makes downsizing tough
Mayor Dave Bing is committed to downsizing Detroit, but experts say his emerging plan must confront a difficult challenge: The most vibrant areas of the city also are farthest from downtown.

Massa: Rahm Emanuel “Would Sell His Own Mother” For Votes
“Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn, Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) said. “He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

CNN Lavishes Coffee Party With Favorable Coverage After A Year Of Tea Party Demonization
The corporate media is once again lavishing the “Coffee Party” with favorable coverage after having demonized the Tea Party as racist extremists for nearly a year, proof positive that the much vaunted new movement, which is run by an Obama campaign operative, is nothing more than a front for the establishment.

Travelers file complaints over TSA body scanners
Documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) shows complaints have been lodged with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) over the use of whole body scanners at U.S. airports.

Immigration Bill Includes Biometric National ID Card For All Americans
Lawmakers working to craft a new comprehensive immigration bill have settled on a way to prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants: a national biometric identification card all American workers would eventually be required to obtain.

8 Million Dog Owners To Be Tracked By Their Pet’s Compulsory Microchip

Stiglitz: The Fed Is Corrupt And Dominated By Big Banks
Joseph Stiglitz explained to Maria Bartiromo why he thinks the Fed is desperately in need of reform. Basically, it comes down to the influence the banks have in selecting the Fed chairman.

Are Traders Demanding US Credit Default Swaps Payable in Gold?
Geithner: ‘We Saved the Economy, But We Kind of Lost the Public Doing It’ | Me: We Can Save the Economy, But Only If We Kind of Lose Geithner

Alex Covers Upcoming Hit Piece Planned by SPLC
Alex breaks down upcoming attacks on the liberties of Americans through a bill introduced by John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

Troopers raid popular bars for unlicensed beers
IT WAS ELIOT NESS and the Untouchables, as played by the Keystone Kops.

NSIDC Reports That Antarctica is Cooling and Sea Ice is Increasing
Last month we discussed how NASA continues to spread worries about the Antarctic warming and melting.

How the British Establishment is conspiring to prop up the AGW myth
Global Warming Alarmism is a Grave Threat to our Liberty
Barcelona hit with heaviest snowfall in 25 years

Chinese Officer Calls for Hard Line Against U.S.
In his new book, China Dream, Senior Colonel of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Liu Mingfu appears poised with gauntlet in hand, wielding statements such as “It is time [for China] to cast away illusions and get ready for the duel with the United States for global dominance in the 21st century.”

Alex Jones Websites Under Massive And Sustained Attack
Alex Jones’ websites were assaulted by a massive, organized and sustained attack today which is still ongoing as zombie computers around the world were used to launch a denial of service attack which is undoubtedly related to our ongoing efforts to expose the government’s Cybersecurity agenda as the gargantuan threat to Internet freedom it represents.

Huffington Post Kills Jesse Ventura’s Piece On 9/11
This morning, Jesse had a front-page piece on 9/11 up at HuffPost: a front-page piece that quickly slipped off that front page–and then completely disappeared.

Waterboarding for dummies
Internal CIA documents reveal a meticulous protocol that was far more brutal than Dick Cheney’s “dunk in the water”

The DNA of a Police State
Gordon Brown wants to expand the government-operated DNA database in the UK.

The Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’
An editorial in the Washington Post yesterday slammed Japanese member of parliament Yukihisa Fujita because he “seems to think that America’s rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax.” His “ideas” about the terrorist attacks “are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion.”

911 Truth on ABC News Nightline
Jesse Ventura discusses his new book “American Conspiracies” 3/8/10 – CNN’s Larry King

William Shatner on Gun Control
It’s How Well You Aim the Gun.

Britain heads for inconclusive election: poll
No political party has enough support to win outright control of parliament in Britain’s forthcoming election, raising the prospect of a period of unstable minority government, opinion polls showed on Tuesday.

Judge allows lawsuit against Rumsfeld over torture of US citizens
A federal judge in Chicago ruled on Friday that a lawsuit against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, brought by two Americans who had worked for an Iraqi contractor, can be allowed to proceed.

Judges told they have no power to allow secret evidence in Guantanamo case
Three of the country’s top judges were told yesterday that they had no power to allow ministers to use secret evidence in fighting a damages claim by six former Guantanamo Bay detainees over alleged ill-treatment.

Citizen’s arrest of George W. Bush justified, court hears
Political activist John Boncore was entitled to try to arrest former U.S. president George W. Bush for war crimes, his lawyer told a Calgary court Monday.

Jason Bermas on Russia Today: New world order put on trial

There is a new film that seeks to put the structure of power on trial. The film looks at the history of political power, scandal and the vision of some of the most well known leaders in the world, and how they shaped it.

Census: A Little Too Personal
Last week Congress voted to encourage participation in the 2010 census. I voted “No” on this resolution for the simple, obvious reason that the census- like so many government programs- has grown far beyond what the framers of our Constitution intended.

Political Brainwashing On Disney Channel
Something Must Break discovers political brainwashing in popular Disney Channel kids show The Suite Life On Deck.

S.Korea, US launch war games despite N.Korean threats
Tens of thousands of US and South Korean troops Monday began an annual military exercise despite threats from North Korea, which claims the drill is a preparation for nuclear war.

Call for Brown to face fresh grilling by Iraq inquiry over ‘discrepancies’ with evidence
Gordon Brown was last night facing demands that he reappear at the Iraq Inquiry after his top defence official flatly contradicted the Prime Minister’s claims to have always supported troops.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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