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IMF Head Calls For Huge Global Warming Slush Fund
International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn today called for a huge global warming slush fund to be established as an interim measure before carbon taxes are implemented in the name of preventing weather disasters related to alleged man-made climate change.

Greek Debt Problems Unlikely to Spread: IMF Head
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Telegraph: Bilderberg Group Founder ‘Was Member of Nazi Party’
Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party, a new book has claimed, contracting the German-born Dutch war hero’s life-long denials.

Water Wars: The ‘Endangered’ Western States
Three primary tools used by the Globalists to implement Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, are the Endangered Species Act, water shortages and man made global warming, according to Michael Shaw.

Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care
Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) says the House ethics committee is investigating him for inappropriate comments he made to a male staffer on New Year’s Eve — and that he’s the victim of a power play by Democratic leaders who want him out of Congress because he’s a “no” vote on health care reform.

Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”?
Since the establishment media is convinced that tea party members, 9/11 truthers, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and basically anyone with a dissenting political opinion is a likely domestic terrorist, they should be celebrating the fact that a new bill would allow the government to detain such people as “enemy belligerents” indefinitely and without trial based on their “suspected activity”.

“Second Suspect” In Pentagon Shooting Was Innocent Bystander

Suspect arrested in Pakistan not Gadahn: officials
Pakistani security agents denied on Monday that an American al Qaeda spokesman wanted in the United States for treason had been arrested, saying there had been confusion over the identity of a detained suspect.

Jobless Rate Actually Stands at 11.5%: Roach
The true unemployment rate in the United States is actually higher than we think — at 11.5 percent, said Stephen Roach, Asia chairman of Morgan Stanley.

Big bank oversight to stay with Fed

Tea Party Puts Scott Brown on Notice
Got this email in an email forward that was sent to Scott Brown by a very fired up Tea Party voter. She wants all to know that Scott Brown is on notice. It would seem that if we all got this fired up we wouldn’t have any problems!

How Dare They Crash Our Tea Party

Tyler Texas man gets 35 years for 4.6 ounces of Marijuana
It is well known in Texas that our Law Enforcement Officers are the best in the nation when it comes to that moment in time when the feet need to hit the ground. When you call 911, you can bet that Texas Law Enforcement Officers will respond quickly and deal with the situation at hand decisively.

The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide
The greenhouse gasses keep the Earth 30° C warmer than it would otherwise be without them in the atmosphere, so instead of the average surface temperature being -15° C, it is 15° C. Carbon dioxide contributes 10% of the effect so that is 3° C.

Global Warming has no impact on Himalayas claims Wadia Director

Activists Teach London Police A Lesson About Stop And Search Terror Laws
A group of British activists turned a potentially confrontational run in with London Metropolitan police into an educational experience recently, producing a viral youtube video entitled “How To Escape A Terror Stop”.

Internet access is ‘a fundamental right’
Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests.

Court to decide if vaccine makers can be sued
The Supreme Court said on Monday that it would decide whether a federal law protects vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits in state court seeking damages for alleged design defects.

Biden in Israel after pledging U.S. support on Iran
Vice President Joe Biden began a visit to Israel and the West Bank on Monday, assuring Israelis in a newspaper interview that Washington would close ranks with them against any threat from a nuclear-armed Iran.

Strong earthquake hits eastern Turkey
A strong earthquake has struck eastern Turkey, killing at least 57 people, officials have said.

‘Liquid bomb’ smuggled onto plane to US
A DUTCH undercover journalist has managed to carry on what could have been liquid explosives onto a flight from Amsterdam to the US.

Vitamin D ‘triggers and arms’ the immune system
Vitamin D is crucial to the fending off of infections, claims new research.

ACLU to Obama: ‘Change or more of the same?’
The American Civil Liberties Union has never treated the Obama administration with kid gloves, but with their latest ad buy it’s become increasingly clear that their patience for the continuance of some Bush-era policies has run quite thin.

Romney: Obama’s words support 9/11 truthers abroad
By speaking to Muslim countries, the president gives support to those who don’t believe the official account of 9/11, says former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Stand up for 33,000 Ground Zero responders who are sick, dying, or have already died since 9/11

Pak lawmakers refuse body scan, cut short visit to US
A delegation of Pakistani lawmakers refused to subject themselves to a controversial full-body scan at a Washington airport, a media report said on Sunday.

Smutty Scanners and Private Planes
Obama to nominate ex-Army general to head TSA, sources say

Army hit by new race row – as it prints slur in its own magazine
Ministry of Defence chiefs face embarrassment after a picture of a combat soldier wearing equipment bearing a racially offensive remark was printed in its official magazine.

Democracy or Dud? Lawyer lashes out at US policy in Iraq

British Government To Bolster Army of Civilian Spies
Hundreds more town hall staff and private security guards are to be handed police-style powers in a fresh Home Office drive to create an army of civilian “spies”.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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