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Alex Jones on Geraldo: Media Sought to Demonize 9/11 Truth With Pentagon Incident Link
Geraldo asks if the Pentagon shooting incident “will stick to the 9/11 Truther people”, almost as if someone had intended a smear. Alex responds in anger about why the media moved so quickly in attempt to demonize 9/11 Truthers.

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China Ready to End Dollar Peg
The head of China’s central bank has given the strongest signal yet that the country will move away from pegging its currency to the dollar, but he said any changes would be gradual.

China foreign minister says U.S. ties “disrupted”
Sarkozy Says EU Must Back Greece or Put Monetary Union at Risk

What Dave and his chum Barack don’t want you to know about green jobs and green energy
Green jobs are a waste of space, a waste of money, a lie, a chimera. You know that. I know that. We’re familiar with the report by Dr Gabriel Calzada Alvarez of the Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain which shows that for every “green job” that is created another 2.2 jobs are LOST in the real economy.

In Denial: The meltdown of the climate campaign

Big Brother’s Watching: Is cyber threat overhyped by US government?
The U.S. government wants to pry deeper into people’s internet activities – even down to reading their email before they do. The ”Einstein Cyber Shield’ is aimed at defending government systems from hackers. But it’s upsetting many who say it’s a massive infringement of civil liberties.

Report reveals that one percent of US children, and growing, have autism

Conspiracy Fact: Every Major Terror Plot In U.S. Was Contrived
The highly suspicious Pentagon shooting, which has been used as grist for the establishment’s aggressive smear campaign to portray dissent against government as violent extremism, is beginning to bear the hallmarks of almost every other major case we have studied where the authorities have not only had prior knowledge of the plot but have in fact facilitated it from beginning to end.

September 11 attacks and cloning top Yahoo! searches
The September 11 terrorist attacks, cloning and the Iraq war top a list of online news searches in the last 15 years, a new study by Yahoo! shows.

Ex-defence chief attacks Brown’s evidence to Iraq inquiry
Former commanders accused Gordon Brown of deliberately misleading the Iraq inquiry after he blamed the military for failing properly to equip the Armed Forces for war.

David Ignatius/Neo-Con Media: Oh What a Lovely War
The Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote “Oh what a gift a gift to gie us, to see ourselves as others see us.” Burns could not have possibly predicted a hubris ridden twenty-first century America not much given to introspection, but there were certainly enough examples of over mighty kings and princes in his own time for him to draw upon.

NYPD Police Officer Admits to Arrest Quotas
An NYPD officer breaks his silence and admits that innocent people are set-up and falsely arrested and ticketed in order to meet funding quotas.

New York Times Eagerly Exploits Ahmadinejad’s Comments To Link 9/11 Truth With Holocaust Denial
It took the NY Times just 9 words into an article to imply that questioning the official 9/11 story, which polls show is a sentiment shared by the majority of Americans, is akin to holocaust denial.

Time Magazine Attacks Cherished Swiss Banking Privacy
Authoritarian rag Time Magazine viciously attacks cherished Swiss banking privacy by smearing it as the domain of ruthless dictators – another helpful dose of propaganda graciously appreciated by the IRS, the collection agency for the private, run for profit, Federal Reserve.

Brits, Who Already Pay 17.5% VAT, Face New Tax On Food

Iceland Rejects Icesave Bank Payback Plan
Icelanders have rejected a plan to pay back the British Government for money it lost over the collapse of the Icesave bank in 2008.

2012 London Olympics Will See Deployment Of ‘Copyright Cops’
The police paid for by the people of London will be deployed during the 2012 Olympics to stop punters carrying “non-sponsor items” into venues.

5 ways your TV is slowly killing you

The Great Peer-Review Fairy Tale
The more one examines IPCC publications, the more evident it becomes that we’ve all been told a fairy tale.

Baghdad blasts deter frightened voters
In Baghdad, security forces have lifted a ban on cars using the streets despite constant bomb attacks on the morning of Iraq’s national election.

Bedell a Libertarian “Terrorist” Soros Linked Blog Claims
For the establishment leftoids, the verdict is in — John Patrick Bedell was not only a rightwing, anti-government terrorist, but a Libertarian to boot.

Pentagon guards trained for attack like that of gunman’s

Experts: Pentagon shooter, others strike symbols of ‘power for the powerless’
The setting was seemingly random: an outer gate at the Pentagon at evening rush hour. But John Patrick Bedell’s violent rampage Thursday made him only the latest in the growing ranks of the disaffected and disturbed to take aim at a symbol of official Washington.

The smearing of dissent as “violence”

Obama’s Phony Populism
President Obama likes to portray himself as a man of the people. But a look behind the veil shows this to be a deception. Take the financial regulatory overhaul brewing in Washington.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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