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“Coffee Party” Founder Is Obama Campaign Operative
Billed as an alternative grassroots movement to the Tea Party, which has been for the most part absorbed by mainline Republicans and Neoconservatives, the “Coffee Party” promised to wake up politically minded Americans and offered a different avenue for the freedom movement.

Globalist Perry Wins Texas Primary

Maine lawmakers mull cell phone health warnings
Maine’s state Legislature could soon vote on a bill making the Northeast U.S. state the first to require that cellular phones carry warnings of a possible link between mobile phone radiation and brain cancer.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Truth and Consequences in the Gaza Invasion
Public outrage at the Gaza invasion did not come out of the blue but rather marked the nadir of a curve plotting a steady decline in support for Israel.

Iraq suicide bomber targets hospital in triple attack

Indonesian Mob Wants Blood After Treasury Secretary Spends A Fortune Bailing Out Banks
Tensions are high in Indonesia as it appeared that a months-long investigation into the $700 million bailout of Bank Century will end without prosecution of the country’s finance minister and vice president.

SPLC Report: Heavy On Smear, Thin On Facts
The preparatory conditioning for a domestic false flag terror attack to be blamed on "right-wing extremists" has reached fever pitch, with the Southern Poverty Law Center issuing yet another lurid report which smears their mainstream political opposition as violent extremists.

MSNBC Continues Propaganda Campaign Against Patriot Groups
Brad Martin on Alex Jones TV: ATF’s “Illegal” Seizure of Airsoft Outlet NW’s BB Guns Merchandise
Ratigan Goes Nuts: Accuses Tea Party Organizer of Including People who Want to ‘Kill Blacks and Jews’

Germany unveils next generation ‘personal security card’
The new identity card isn’t just to verify who a person is. It’s now a matter of personal security, according to German officials who showed off the country’s newest ID technology at this year’s CeBIT conference.

100 Percent of Fish in U.S. Streams Found Contaminated with Mercury
In a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), every single fish tested from 291 freshwater streams across the United States was found to be contaminated with mercury.

You Could Now Be Arrested, In America, Just For Mentioning Europe’s Problems Over Dinner
You know a company/country/continent is in trouble when authorities start cracking down on short bets against it.

New ghost towns: Industrial communities teeter on the edge
Greece Just Passed Another $6.6 Billion Cut, Now Let’s See How Its People React
Greek cabinet backs sweeping austerity plan: source
Raise Taxes and Cut Services? Why Not Stop Unneccesary Bailouts, Unnecesary Wars and Unnecessary Interest Costs Instead?

2001-2010 was the Snowiest Decade on Record
Now that we have reached the end of the meteorological winter (December-February,) Rutgers University Global Snow Lab numbers (1967-2010) show that the just completed decade (2001-2010) had the snowiest Northern Hemisphere winters on record.

Sea change in climate journalism: The Guardian and the D-word

NY Times: Global Warming Alarmists Have Taken a Vicious Beating
For months, climate scientists have taken a vicious beating in the media and on the Internet, accused of hiding data, covering up errors and suppressing alternate views.

Climate Panel Pile-Up: UN to double-check fuzzy research

Webster Tarpley: Bankers in Slump Plot Against Euro to Save Dollar
Journalist Webster Tarpley believes that was a plot hatched to prop up the dollar’s supremacy.

ADP: January Job Losses Were Actually TRIPLE What We Thought, And No, We Won’t Blame The Snowicane

Muslim women who refused to take ‘naked’ full-body scan are barred from Manchester to Pakistan flight
Two Muslim women have become the first passengers to refuse to subject themselves to controversial ‘naked’ full body airport scans, it emerged today.

Familiar Tactics Used To Smear “Conspiracy Theorists”
Whether you believe aspects of the Apollo missions were faked or not, this video raises some very valid points regarding tactics used by debunkers to smear so-called “conspiracy theorists”.

Despite 935 documented lies, Rove book insists Iraq war was justified

Haaretz: Israel Is Preparing To Strike Iran
“Do not strike” is what the Americans are telling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Let’s first try sanctions on Iran.”

Jason Bermas announces ‘Invisible Empire’ release for April 15th
What is the New World Order? Presidents, congressmen and high-level advisors have all spoken of it. Dictators and visionaries have helped its rise. It’s actions are secret, but no one is beyond its power and scope.

Fuel Taxes Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say
To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, some researchers say, Americans may have to experience a sobering reality: gas at $7 a gallon.

The Black Hole of Guantanamo
When it comes to dealing with the thorny question of how to close Guantánamo, the remaining prisoners have been caught between two competing systems since President Obama took office last January, and the result, to put it mildly, has been confusing.

Architects for 9/11 inquiry: Fire couldn’t demolish WTC in 11 seconds
The question isn’t who or why anymore so much as how. How could 200 thousand tonnes of steel have dropped to the ground in under 11 seconds because of a fire?

Dubai police chief says to seek Netanyahu arrest
Dubai’s police chief plans to seek the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of Israel’s spy agency over the killing of a Hamas leader in the emirate, Al Jazeera television reported.

Not a democracy? Israel ’showed its real face’ in Dubai-Mossad scandal

Two years to answering the question “why we exist”
After 30 years of work Russia prepares to get closer to revealing more secrets of the nano-world, as in two years time it is set to launch a new beam research reactor near St. Petersburg.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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