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MEP Farage Apologises… To Bank Clerks
UK Independence Party Member of European Parliament Nigel Farage has refused to back down over comments he directed toward EU chief and global governance proponent Herman van Rompuy during a speech in front of the EU parliament last week.

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Supreme Court, gun control, and the Second Amendment: a reckoning
The Supreme Court’s next Second Amendment cases may decide which state and local gun-control laws can stand.

Cops & Judges Caught Using Secret Codes On Tickets
Report from South Florida about officers’ secret “ticket talk” with judges.

Former US spy confirms Rigi’s CIA link, rejects ties
A former US intelligence official has admitted that CIA operatives in Pakistan had held talks with the Jundallah terrorist group led by Abdolmalek Rigi.

Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says
The earthquake that killed more than 700 people in Chile on Feb. 27 probably shifted the Earth’s axis and shortened the day, a National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientist said.

A gas tax to cure global warming? Compromise looks to revive stalled plan
A group of senators are trying to resuscitate global warming legislation, but the potential inclusion of a new gas tax threatens to keep action on one of President Obama’s signature initiatives stalled.

Drivers face fine for leaving engines running while parked… because it harms environment
Drivers who leave their car engines running while their car is parked face being fined as part of a new town hall initiative.

Canada On The Verge Of Approving Enviropigs – Millions Of Canadians Will Soon Be Eating Mouse/Pig Hybrids
The Canadian government is on the verge of approving the introduction of extremely bizarre genetically modified pigs into the Canadian food supply.

CrossTalk: Soviet Amerika
On Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk his guests are asked whether the US is following the historic path that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

House Majority Leader: Greek debt crisis ‘can happen here’
The United States must embrace a blend of tax increases and spending cuts to rein in its deficit or face a potentially crippling debt crisis like the one in Greece, a top US lawmaker warned Monday.

Chile earthquake: over 700 dead, 2M homeless, martial law demanded
The devastating magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile early Saturday morning has killed more than 700 people and leaft 2 million homeless, wounded or otherwise affected.

New psychiatric disorders flag normal human behaviors as “diseases”
The Disease Mongering Engine, which I invented a couple of years ago and posted on NaturalNews, was initially created as a joke to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the fictitious diseases that are constantly created by the psychiatric industry.

Critics take dim view of Logan body scanners
Full-body scanners that perform what critics call a “virtual strip search” of airplane passengers are being unveiled at Logan International Airport next week, federal authorities said.

2010 Brings First Tornado-Free February
While the so-called Snowmageddon and Snowicane tm blizzards that book-ended the month got much of the nation’s attention, not a single tornado was reported in the United States during February 2010.

Muslims Are Their Own Worst Enemy
Muslims are numerous but powerless. Divisions among Muslims, especially between Sunni and Shi’ites, have consigned the Muslim Middle East to almost a century of Western control.

NSA threatened Qwest CEO with repercussions if he didn’t cut a surveillance deal
WMR has learned from sources who worked in senior positions for the telecommunications company Qwest that its former chairman and CEO, Joseph Nacchio, was threatened with retaliation after he refused to participate in an unconstitutional and illegal National Security Agency (NSA) wiretapping program.

Dubai asks FBI to investigate terror ties to US
Amid ongoing investigation of the terrorist murder of a Hamas commander in Dubai, the UAE police have asked the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to look into alleged ties of the suspects to Americans.

Bring Back Glass-Steagall Curbs for Banks: Bogle
The government should restrict bank actitivities far more than proposed under the so-called Volcker plan, which would prevent banks from investing for their own accounts, John Bogle, founder of mutual fund giant Vanguard Group, told CNBC on Tuesday.

Perry capitalizes on anti-Obama sentiment
Tuesday’s primary election to decide which Republican will run for Texas governor has put a spotlight on the party’s national identity crisis after it lost the White House to Democrats in 2008.

European Court Set to Give Public Figures Chance to Gag Press on Damaging Stories
It could spell the end of the kiss and tell: public figures might, within 18 months, have the power to stifle bad news stories before they are published, a senior lawyer has warned.

Ron Paul approval rating 84% in his district, so much for him not representing his people huh?
A Moore Information survey conducted for Paul’s campaign showed Paul picking up 74 percent of the vote in a primary contest.

Climategate: ‘a lot of common data’ – Phil Jones exposes AGW dominoes to Commons committee
The appearance of Phil Jones, sometime head honcho of the CRU at the “University” of East Anglia, hero of the Climategate e-mails scandal, before the Commons Science and Technology Committee yesterday was an interesting occasion.

With new fighter in hand, Putin wants modern bombers
The Chilean military has taken control of towns and cities affected by the earthquake, it was reported today, imposing curfews and guarding shops from looters as the death toll from the disaster rose to more than 700.

Iran: US war on terror, plot to train terrorists
Iran’s foreign minister says former US President George W. Bush’s so-called war on terror has actually served as a guise for training terrorists.

Senator Kerry Tells Israel Not to “Jump the Gun” On Iran Attack

Faber: The Euro Has More To Fall, S&P Could Fall 20%
Marc Faber appeared on Bloomberg today to talk stocks and currencies. Not surprisingly, he’s negative on US equities, and though he thinks the euro could rebound in the short-term (because it’s so oversold) he says there’s nothing good about the currency and that it could fall a lot further.

Dont Bet on a Recovery
Naked Credit Default Swaps Are “Like Buying Fire Insurance On Your Neighbor’s House — You Create An Incentive To Burn Down The House”
Nationalized Health Care and Economic Fallacy
German ProSieben TV Channel Finds 500 Gram Tungsten Bar At W.C.Heraeus Gold Foundry With Bank Origin
15 Years Ago, the Combined Assets of the 6 Biggest Banks Totaled 17% of GDP… By 2006, 55% … Now, 63%

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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