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Fed Planning 15-Fold Increase In US Monetary Base
The fed is planning moves that would more than double its balance-sheet assets by September to $4.5 trillion from $1.9 trillion.

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Funimg Over Obama Saying Nice Stuff To Iranians, Chief Neocon Lets Slip It’s About Regime Change
It didn’t take too long for Murdoch’s chief neocon propagandist, William Kristol of the neocon comic ‘The Weekly Standard’, to pen his response to President Obama’s televised offering of a tentative hand of peace.

Stasi HQ UK… where details of all your journeys are secretly logged and kept for a decade
This anonymous office building on a business park near Heathrow Airport is where the Government has begun monitoring millions of British holidaymakers using its controversial new ‘terrorist detector’ database.

The U.K. wants your Twitter chatter under surveillance

Democrat anger at Obama overkill
WHEN the White House announced last week that President Barack Obama will be returning to the nation’s television screens on Tuesday for a prime-time press conference that will postpone the latest episode of American Idol - the talent show watched by 25m viewers - fans of the programme were quick to respond.

Obama Supporters to be Unleashed to Sell Banker Plan
Over the weekend, Obama’s zombie “canvassers” may knock on your door. “The Pledge Project Canvass is an unprecedented effort by a president to reach beyond Congress and tap grassroots supporters for help.

When Things Fall Apart
On March 19 the New York Times reported: “The Fed said it would purchase an additional $750 billion worth of government-guaranteed mortgage-backed securities, on top of the $500 billion that it is currently in the process of buying.

Britain at risk of serious social unrest, report warns
Britain is in danger of serious social unrest and public disorder in response to the economic crisis, according to a new report.

US deficit seen at record 1.845 trillion dlrs
The US budget deficit will reach a record 1.845 trillion dollars in fiscal 2009 that ends in September, equivalent to 13.1 percent of economic output, the budget arm of Congress forecast Friday.

Mexican drug wars now worse than Iraq

Mexican drug cartels are now as heavily armed as America’s enemies during the Iraq war and are extending their bloody conflict into the United States, say security experts.

New video of torture exposes Chinese brutality in Tibet
The Tibetan government-in-exile, led by the Dalai Lama, has released a video that appears to show Tibetan monks being tortured by Chinese security forces.

Geithner Readies Latest Bankster Debt Slavery Plan
Allah be praised, we now have a plan for “troubled mortgages and related assets from financial institutions,” or so reports the New York Times.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!
Obama Backs Geithner Despite Vast Criticisms
The Big Takeover
Treasury Presses Ahead With Plan For Toxic Assets

The Mother of All Bells
There is an old adage on Wall Street that no one rings a bell at major market tops or bottoms. That may be true in normal times, but as many have noticed, we are now completely through the looking glass.

Congressional Budget Office predicts $9.3 trillion deficit in 10 years under Obama’s budget
WaMu sues FDIC for more than $13 billion over forced sale

Larry Silverstein asks for a bailout
As if there weren’t enough roadblocks to seeing a new structure rise from the site where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

Does a Single Independent Economist Buy the Geithner-Summers-Bernanke Approach?
Does a single independent economist buy the Geithner-Summers-Bernanke approach?

Toxic Asset Plan Foresees Big Subsidies for Investors

Nobel Economists Slam Obama’s Economic Policy
Nobel economists Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz slammed Obama’s economic policy this week.

Ter·ror·ist (noun): Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government

The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with - or who disagrees with government policies - as “terrorists”.

Iran Leader: No change in hostile US policy
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the US has shown no sign of a real change in its hostile attitude toward the Iranian nation.

CIA reveals it has 3,000 pages of documents relating to destroyed interrogation tapes
The Central Intelligence Agency disclosed Friday that it has 3,000 summaries, transcripts, reconstructions and memoranda relating to 92 interrogation videotapes that were destroyed by the agency, the American Civil Liberties Union revealed Friday evening.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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