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"Christian" You Tube Censors Obama Deception
A site that brands itself as a kind of 'You Tube for Christians' -, which was formally known as, has censored Alex Jones' new film The Obama Deception after claiming the documentary contained "slander and libel".

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Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty Responds To Missouri’s “Terrorist” Claims
Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty group has responded to a report compiled for law officials in Missouri that equates supporters of the Texas Congressman with radical race hate groups and terrorists.

Missouri State Police Think You And I Are Terrorists
LP Missouri Condemns Missouri Highway Patrol Training Document as Political Profiling

Professor: Detainees’ accounts confirm White House authorized torture
A leaked report by the International Committee of the Red Cross on treatment of detainees held at CIA “black sites” describes a variety of interrogation techniques which the report says “constituted torture.”

At G20, Kremlin to Pitch New Global Currency
The Kremlin published its priorities Monday for an upcoming meeting of the G20, calling for the creation of a supranational reserve currency to be issued by international institutions as part of a reform of the global financial system.

U.S. seen weighing expanded covert war in Pakistan
President Barack Obama and his national security advisers are considering expanding the covert U.S. war in Pakistan far beyond the tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Obama’s War on Recovery
Obama came to power with the idea of repeating the storybook-view of FDR’s presidency and how he saved us from the Great Depression. Had he and his friends read the history more carefully, he would have seen how FDR did nothing of the sort. His policies waged war on recovery, perpetuating the problem he said he was solving.

Dismantling the Killer Elite
Sometimes the truth is best told through fictional allegory, especially when a dash of comedy is used to make the parables more palatable. Witness, for example, the variation on the familiar “I’ll need your badge and gun” scene from the action farce The Naked Gun.

Bush refuses to criticize Obama in Canada
Former President George W. Bush says he won’t criticize President Barack Obama because Obama “deserves my silence,” and says he plans to write a book about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office.

Shoes and words fly as Canadians protest Bush at Calgary speech
As a center of Canada’s oil industry, Calgary – in the relatively conservative province of Alberta – would seem to be an ideal place for George W. Bush to give his first post-presidential speech.

Wrong: World Health Organization claims that health goes down as carbon goes up
A World Health Organization (WHO) communiqué to an International congress on climate change in Copenhagen designed to sound the alarm on climate change, states that it estimates “around 150,000 deaths now occur in low-income countries each year due to climate change from four climate-sensitive health outcomes - crop failure and malnutrition, diarrhoeal disease, malaria and flooding.”

Dollar Plunges After Fed Announcement
The dollar plunged across the board on the back of news that the Federal Reserve would flood the banking system with the greenback by buying $300 billion of long-dated Treasuries over the next six months as well as $750 billion more of agency mortgage-backed securities.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

Senate quietly stripped measure restricting bonuses from bailout legislation
A new revelation in the scandal surrounding AIG’s decision to pay multi-million dollar bonuses to executives — a provision that would have restricted companies receiving federal government bailout aid from paying bonuses was quietly stripped from a bill last month.

Hedge funds could reap billions from AIG

Wayne Paul speaks - taken from ‘The Obama Deception’
Mr. Paul speaks of the unchecked power of the money system our government operates under.

Netanyahu embraces threat to US security
Israeli prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu has tapped a former spy feared by the United States as his national security advisor.

Depression Unrest Turmoil Instability Riots all coming and SOON
Marc Faber says: The best bet for investors may be to buy a farm and escape from the cities, as a prolonged recession could lead to war, as the Great Depression did. If the global economy doesn’t recover, usually people go to war.

US to “Wind Down AIG in an Orderly Way and Protect the American Taxpayer” … Why Didn’t That Happen From the Start?
AIG and the Posturing Democrats

IFC SXSW 2009: Everday Conspiracies with Alex Jones
Alex Jones, world renowned conspiracy theorist and star of the new IFC documentary “New World Order,” explains the conspiracies inherent in six seemingly innocuous everyday objects.

Russia to decide on air defence for Iran: report

Russia will decide whether to deliver sophisticated S-300 air defence systems to Iran based on the “international situation,” a government source was quoted as saying Wednesday.

Russian build-up no threat to US: Pentagon
Japan to ready defense against North Korea rocket: Kyodo

Diebold Admits ALL Versions of Their Software Delete Ballots Without Notice
Even the audit log system on current versions of Premier Election Solutions’ (formerly Diebold’s) electronic voting and tabulating systems — used in some 34 states across the nation — fail to record the wholesale deletion of ballots. Even when ballots are deleted on the same day as an election.

Illinois Officers Arrested After Beating of Motorist Caught on Tape
Chicago Tribune: Two Peoria police officers have been arrested in connection with the 2008 beating of a man who claims he was pepper sprayed, kicked, punched and shocked with a stun gun during a traffic stop captured on a squad car video.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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