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Kucinich Calls For Congressional Investigation Into Cheney “Assassination Unit”
Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has called for a formal Congressional probe into allegations by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that former Vice-President Dick Cheney had his own SS-style political assassination unit.

Cheney’s Excuse For Economic Failures Under His Watch: ‘Stuff Happens’

Israelis ‘firing live rounds’ at West Bank protesters
Israeli armed forces and border police used the cover of the war against Hamas in Gaza to reintroduce the firing of .22 rifle bullets - as well as the extensive use of a new model of tear-gas canister - against unarmed demonstrators in the Occupied West Bank protesting at the building of Israel’s “separation wall”.

German Chancellor Merkel Calling for Raids on Homes
Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded even tougher gun control measures relating to storage of firearms and ammunition in Germany. With an audacity that defies belief the former East German communist also called for unannounced raids on homes and offices of registered firearm owners.

Black Hawks to train over Melbourne
Shadows from the sky will cross over Melbourne streets next week as Army Black Hawk helicopters take to the sky for routine helicopter training exercises.

Bill would restrict police use of Tasers
Metro police have purchased just over 1,000 Taser cameras and will begin distributing the recording devices to police on the beat in two weeks. These cameras will capture grainy footage of every electronic zap, though the fate of that footage may be up to the Legislature.

School: Student Can’t Wear Obama Mask at Talent Show
An elementary school principal is barring a fifth-grader from wearing a Barack Obama mask in the school’s talent show because parents have complained it’s inappropriate.

Group Smeared As Terror Cell By Feds Runs Soup Kitchens
A member of the Missouri Militia has contacted us to express his outrage that the organization, which routinely works with local law enforcement to help find missing children, sponsors blood donation campaigns and soup kitchens, is being smeared as a terrorist outfit by the federal government.

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Obama administration: Guantanamo detainees have ‘no constitutional rights’
Court documents filed Friday reveal that Obama’s lawyers are arguing that Ex-Guantanamo detainees have no constitutional rights.

Israeli soldier shot American activist in face with tear gas can

Householders with ‘wrong sort of rubbish’ to be ‘re-educated’ by the bin police
Householders who put ‘the wrong sort of rubbish’ in their bins are to face re-education visits from council officers at their homes.

Cheney: Obama responsible for next 9/11
US President Barack Obama’s decisions against Bush’s “war on terror” policies would cause another 9/11, says former vice president Dick Cheney.

Taxes must rise to pay for climate change, MPs warn
Taxes will need to rise to pay for the green revolution which is necessary to save the planet from global warming, MPs warn today.

A Listing of the Twenty-One Fabricated Studies by Dr. Scott Reuben
The health community is up in arms over the discovery that a highly-respected and influential clinical researcher, Dr. Scott Reuben, fabricated the data used in over twenty pharmaceutical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

IMF poised to print billions of dollars in ‘global quantitative easing’
The International Monetary Fund is poised to embark on what analysts have described as “global quantitative easing” by printing billions of dollars worth of a global “super-currency” in an unprecedented new effort to address the economic crisis.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!
Bracing for a Bailout Backlash
Dollar Crisis In The Making
Bernanke sees U.S. recovery beginning in 2010

It’s official: Red Cross report says Bush Administration tortured prisoners

US interrogators attached detainees to collars like dogs and used their leashes to slam them against walls, forced them to stand for days wearing only diapers, and tied detainees necks with towels and threw them against plywood walls, according to accounts in a secret 2007 report issued by the Red Cross to be printed in a New York magazine and leaked on Monday.

Former British terrorism suspect claims he was tortured on behalf of MI5

Britain showing signs of heading towards 1930s-style depression, says Bank
Britain is showing signs of sliding towards a 1930s-style depression, the Bank of England says today for the first time.

Think recession’s bad? Try a cataclysm!
The Fed Has Failed By Its Own Terms
AIG payments to banks stoke bailout rage

EU bans use of ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ (and sportsmen and statesmen) because it claims they are sexist
Using ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ has been banned by leaders of the European Union because they are not considered politically correct.

Russia weighs Cuba, Venezuela bases for bombers: report
Russia could use bases for its strategic bombers on the doorstep of the United States in Cuba and Venezuela to underpin long-distance patrols in the region, a senior air force officer said Saturday.

Mullen sketches out ‘US strike’ on Iran
Secret ICRC file says US practiced ‘torture’: report

The Parable of the Shopping Mall
In town after town across America these days one can physically see the economic mantras of an entire generation turning to boarded-up wasteland before one’s eyes. Shopping malls, which changed the American landscape within the course of a generation, are dying week by week.

Edmonton Canada bests all time record low by -12 degrees, columnist questions climate situation
So far this month, at least 14 major weather stations in Alberta have recorded their lowest-ever March temperatures. I’m not talking about daily records; I mean they’ve recorded the lowest temperatures they’ve ever seen in the entire month of March since temperatures began being recorded in Alberta in the 1880s.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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