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US Missile Attacks On Pakistan To "Dramatically Increase": Report
A British newspaper says that officials in contact with the US State Department have been briefed on plans to intensify military attacks on Pakistan, despite strong objections to the policy from the Pakistani government.

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NKorea orders military on combat alert
North Korea put its military on combat alert Monday as US and South Korean forces started a major joint exercise which the communist nation has branded as a prelude to invasion.

Yadlin: ‘Iran crossed nuclear tech threshold
In a chilling indication that Iran’s arms program is advancing steadily, Israel acknowledged for the first time that Teheran had mastered the technology to make a nuclear bomb on the same day that the Iranians announced they had successfully tested a new air-to-surface missile.

‘The collapse of America is unavoidable’
America must work on starting a new economy and not restarting the old one or it will resemble the former Soviet Union, says author and blogger Dmitry Orlov.

Oil at $50 Looms as OPEC Plans Cut, Keeps to Quota
OPEC’s record production cuts are draining the glut in world oil markets, leading traders to bet that $50 crude is two months away.

NY Times: Mileage Tax Would 'Track Where Motorists Have Been'
A New York Times article about the different test studies being conducted as a precursor to the introduction of a CO2 or mileage tax admits that cars will contain tracking devices that will record where motorists have been.

No Political or Judicial Support for 2A
I fear there are a large number of gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment (2A) who believe there still remains in the Congress some support (fear of not being reelected if they vote for gun control) for 2A.

Web-savvy Obama ‘rarely’ reads blogs, says they’re misleading
Although he owes his current job in part to the Internet’s unique networking and communications tools – and his campaign’s unprecedented ability to raise money online – President Obama “rarely” reads blogs because he considers some of them misleading and simplistic.

Concerns over safety of cervical cancer vaccine after 1,300 girls experience adverse side-effects
More than 1,300 schoolgirls have experienced adverse reactions to the controversial cervical cancer jab.

Excessive Television for Teens Raises Risk of Depression as Adults

Dalai Lama Says Last Year’s Riots Staged by CCP Police
As the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising Day approaches, Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, warns that Tibetans are dissatisfied with China’s rule and conflicts may erupt at any moment.

Depression Dynamic Ensues as Markets Revisit 1930s
The U.S. economy’s vital signs may not confirm a diagnosis of depression. The symptoms increasingly point to one.

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Bill to “Ban” Organic Farming
The bill legally binds state agriculture depts to enforcing federal guidelines effectively taking away the states power to do anything other than being food police for the federal dept.

Lahore attack ‘mastermind’ escapes police raid in Punjab
The suspected mastermind of last week’s assault on the Sri Lankan cricket team escaped a police raid on his home in northern Punjab today.

Your Hard-Earned Money is Being Shipped to France, Germany and China
In addition, your money is probably being given directly to sovereign wealth funds (that is, the investment arms of foreign monarchies and tyrannical governments such as Saudi Arabia), since they were some of the biggest counterparties who bought credit default swaps from AIG.

World Bank offers dire forecast for world economy
Cash In A Mattress? No, Gold In The Closet
Warren Buffett to CNBC: Economy Has “Fallen Off a Cliff”

Pupils think Auschwitz is a beer
Some schoolchildren believe Auschwitz is the name of a type of beer or a religious festival, rather than the notorious concentration camp.

Czech leader joins meeting of climate change deniers
It is billed as the largest ever gathering of climate change deniers, a convention that kicked off last night with a title suggesting global warming is a thing of the past, and a guest list that includes a hurricane forecaster, a retired astronaut and a sitting European president.

Britain ‘nation of form fillers watched by quarter of world’s CCTV cameras’
Britain has become a bureacratic and authoritarian state watched over by a quarter of the world’s CCTV cameras, a study of Labour’s decade in power claims.

Was Hamas the work of the Israeli Mossad?

While various Western governments are struggling to define a possible relationship with the Palestinian movement Hamas, some progressive and leftist circles are also uneasy regarding their own perception of the Islamic movement.

Chavez warns Colombia against military action

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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