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Morgan Stanley predicts economic collapse worse than depression
Morgan Stanley’s UK equity strategist Graham Secker painted a bleak economic picture for the United Kingdom. In his morning forecast, Mr. Secker warned that UK profits could fall by 60% in the current downturn - a worse performance than the great depression of the 1930s.

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Rush to Judgment
Talk show host and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh recently ignited a firestorm of criticism for expressing his desire that Barack Obama should fail. Democrats, and even some Republicans, suggested that he had put aside his patriotism to wish for an economic collapse that would result in political advantage for conservatives.

Three more Obama nominees withdraw from running
They are the latest in a string a appointments to back out of senior jobs since he came to power just six weeks ago.

Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows
A corporate video currently being showcased on another part of Murdoch’s media empire,, shows Fox executives and stars of its universally recognized shows bragging about how they use the platform of hit shows that are broadcast globally to implant messages about the supposed threat of global warming.

Taxpayers Furious With Budget Cuts Take Frustration To Streets Of NYC
Thousands of New Yorkers marched on City Hall on Friday to protest the proposed budget cuts in a self-described “Rally For New York.”

Bailout Money - Instead of Being Used to Stabilize the Economy or Even the Bailed-Out Companies - is Just Going to Line the Pockets of the Wealthy
The bailout money is just going to line the pocket of the wealthy, instead of helping to stabilize the economy or even the companies receiving the bailouts.

Senate moves to allow FDIC to borrow $500 Billion

GOP senator foresees ‘bailout riots,’ and says DC students ‘end up’ in gangs
Days after he predicted there would be rioting from a public angry with all of the federal bailouts, Republican Senator Jim DeMint made another judgmentally-questionable statement –that students at D.C. public schools have a higher likelihood of joining gangs than of graudating from high school.

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The U.S. Financial System Is Effectively Insolvent

Harpers editor: America had a dictator for eight years
It was a casual refrain near the dawning of former President George W. Bush’s political career on the national stage. Most took as a joke.

Chavez Calls On Obama To Follow Path Of Socialism
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday called upon US President Barack Obama to follow the path to socialism, which he termed as the “only” way out of the global recession.

Revealed: police databank on thousands of protesters
Police are targeting thousands of political campaigners in surveillance operations and storing their details on a database for at least seven years, an investigation by the Guardian can reveal.

CIA destroyed 12 tapes showing ‘enhanced interrogation methods’

Kiss the Banks Goodbye
The point here is that if people aren’t willing to spend money, then what good is it to give more money to banks and their shareholders, in hopes that they will start lending it?

High-Level Fed Officials Slam Government Response to Crisis
U.S. Economy: Unemployment Rate Increases to 8.1%

Pakistan ‘can’t rule out foreign involvement’ in attacks
A top Pakistan official Friday refused to rule out foreign involvement in the Sri Lankan cricket attacks despite international warnings that the nation faced serious internal dangers.

Health Canada finds bisphenol A in soft drinks
A Health Canada study of canned pop has found the vast majority of the drinks contain the chemical bisphenol A, a substance that imitates the female hormone estrogen and is banned in baby bottles.

Scientists Allege Fraud in 1984 HIV/AIDS Papers

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

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