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Top investor Jim Rogers has publicly called for Federal Reserve chaiman Ben Barnanke to resign, blaming him for destroying the dollar and bailing out his friends on Wall Street at the cost of the American taxpayer, in the latest savage attack on the Fed amidst the latest round of economic turmoil.


The Bodies and Bills are Piling Up: Paying the Piper

NPR Snowjobs Evidence Of Global Cooling


Gun Owners Fooled By Mammoth Supreme Court Hoax

Rumors Of Gold's Demise Greatly Exaggerated

Rogers: Fed Has "Given Up" On The Dollar
Fed Affords Dollar Brief Respite With Lower Rate Cut
Will Fed Act To Save Dollar With Modest Rate Cut?

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Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex to discuss the origins of global warming, current propaganda about reducing carbon emissions to zero, and how the elite and the Club of Rome decided to manufacture and exploit climate change fearmongering as far back as 1991.


The Alex Jones Report March 20th, 2008



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