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Gulf States are set to follow former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan's advice and dump their dollar peg following a benchmark meeting tomorrow, with analysts predicting a slow but deliberate creep away from the greenback rather than an imminent decoupling, a move that could have devastating consequences for the American economy.


WeAreChange vs Canadian Prime Minister Harper

Welcome to the Future: The Second Great Depression


Top New York Cop Thought Towers Were Bombed On 9/11

Weather Channel Founder Wants To Sue Al Gore For Global Warming Fraud

Corporate Media Snowjobs Dollar Crisis
Expert Fears Dollar Crash As Greenback Hits New Lows
Can Global Warming Alarmists At Least Get Their Propaganda Straight?

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Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex to discuss the origins of global warming, current propaganda about reducing carbon emissions to zero, and how the elite and the Club of Rome decided to manufacture and exploit climate change fearmongering as far back as 1991.


Financial Expert Bob Chapman On Fiscal Armageddon



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