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CNN has echoed the Bush administration's snowjob policy on the dollar crisis by ludicrously citing "experts" who claim that the unprecedented plunge of the greenback is "not necessarily a bad thing for the U.S. economy."


Powerful Banks Behind Push To Introduce Carbon Trading Markets

Chris Rock On Drugs (WARNING - PROFANITY)


Expert Fears Dollar Crash As Greenback Hits New Lows

Can Global Warming Alarmists At Least Get Their Propaganda Straight?

New Campaign Warns Of "Economic Disaster" If Climate Policies Are Followed
Drugs In Water Report Prompts Nationwide Alarm
Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda

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Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex to discuss the origins of global warming, current propaganda about reducing carbon emissions to zero, and how the elite and the Club of Rome decided to manufacture and exploit climate change fearmongering as far back as 1991.


The Alex Jones Report March 12th, 2008



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