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It seems that global warming doomsday alarmists are so desperate to out-fearmonger each other that they are now having difficulties keeping their propaganda on track. Within days, two separate reports blamed global warming for both drying up water sources and causing sea levels to rise.


New Video: "Cocaine & the Contras" - Robert Parry & Gary Webb

Global Warming Alarm Shown Unfounded in Georgia Climate Report


New Campaign Warns Of "Economic Disaster" If Climate Policies Are Followed

Drugs In Water Report Prompts Nationwide Alarm

Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda
New Proposals To Fight Global Warming Would End Civilization, Kill Billions
Lou Dobbs: New World Order Can Be Defeated

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Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex to discuss the origins of global warming, current propaganda about reducing carbon emissions to zero, and how the elite and the Club of Rome decided to manufacture and exploit climate change fearmongering as far back as 1991.


The Alex Jones Report March 12th, 2008



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