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Opponents of Patriot Act Push to Change Parts of Law

An unusual coalition of conservative groups and the liberal American Civil Liberties Union opened a public campaign today to scale back the enhanced surveillance powers granted to law enforcement after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

>> Media Bias in Terri Schiavo Case at Extreme Levels in AP, Reuters Reports

>> Schiavo's parents file new appeal

>> Accuracy of Tsunami Death Toll Questioned

>> In Texas, Critics Question Bush's 'Life' Culture

>> Big Media Gets Behind NBC 9/11 Propaganda Miniseries

>> Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39

>> ABC News deceptive in Terri Schiavo poll?

>> Judge Won't Order Schiavo Tube Reinserted

>> Teen's Rampage Leaves 10 Dead in Minn.

>> ACLU to keep tabs on protest

>> 'Big cat' attacks man in garden

>> "Packaged News" or Propaganda?

>> Where Is Your Money Going?

>> Dick Cheney's Oil Change at the World Bank

Communist Comedy and the False Left-Right Paradigm


>> Autistic Teenager Is Beaten by Deputies After Being Mistaken for a Prowler

>> 'Cuffs OK'd during warranted search

>> Drug dogs could be checking schools

>> FBI questioned military's results from Guantanamo interrogations

>> Lethal US practice revealed in trial

>> Singapore refutes Taiwan media reports of joint military exercise

>> Ukraine to Withdraw Troops From Iraq

>> Iraqi Prime Minister´s Party Out of New Government

>> Russian Navy Refutes Reports of Soviet Nuclear Torpedoes off Italian Coast


>> Chip plugs brain into computer

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There’s not much fun with E-ZPass

Electronic toll payments, known as E-ZPass, will arrive later this spring. You’ll buy a transponder that, affixed to your windshield, will be read by a tollbooth scanner.

Why The Establishment Wants Terri To Die

Suppose the public sees what it considers a health miracle developing, day by day, news show by news show, before its eyes, as Terri accomplishes, say, a partial recovery?

Alex exposes the pocket radicals and communists who were present at the 2004 Republican National Convention. They don’t have any facts, they can’t talk about specific topics, it’s just a thin veneer of rhetoric, clichés and emotion.

>> Would You Trust This Man?

>> Ministry Of Propaganda

>> Four of the guys from Popular Mechanics go bowling

Nobody planning to attack Iran, says Blair

Nobody is planning military action against Iran over its nuclear programme "at the moment," British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in an interview with a Muslim magazine, adding "Iran is not Iraq".

Nurse: Michael tried to kill Terri

Michael Schiavo once tried to kill his wife Terri with insulin shots, according to a former caregiver for the brain-injured Florida woman.
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