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St. Petersburg 5-year-old cuffed after school outburst

A 5-year-old girl was arrested, cuffed and put in back of a police cruiser after an outburst at school where she threw books and boxes, kicked a teacher in the shins, smashed a candy dish, hit an assistant principal in the stomach and drew on the walls.

>> Home schooled kid kicked out of spelling bee

>> Genuinely disturbing

>> U.S. withdrawal from Iraq in 2006?

>> Dutchman in Iraq genocide charges

>> House Panel Seeks to Keep Schiavo Alive

>> Soldiers' families to hold anti-war rally at Ft. Bragg

>> Teen girls' Bible talks of oral sex, lesbianism

>> Putin May Become President Again in 2012 — Kremlin Party Official

>> Lab fireball 'may be black hole'

>> Bush's New War Tactic: Shocking And Awing Americans

>> The Art Of War: Divide And Conquer

>> Theology Means Little When It Comes To Activism

>> Other Blood on Their Hands

The Daily Show: Add Hawk


>> Web to have 'terror watch' team

>> Cost of roadblock rage? $15,328

>> White House seeks renewal of Patriot Act

>> Two big law enforcement divisions ban use of Tasers

>> Porter Goss: "We don't torture"

>> North Korea: 'Human scum' Bolton is 'worst' UN envoy

>> S. Korea-Japan Islets Dispute Escalates

>> Israel armed itself with "nuclear option" 40 years ago: ex-minister

>> NATO To Protect Its Troops With Anti-Missile Defense System By 2010

>> Lebanese Leader Stays Amid Calls to Quit


>> Tracking units set to go into TPS buses

>> Medicines could be RFID-tagged

>> City plan calls for cameras to monitor dangerous railroad crossings

>> ID Solutions Announces Results of US Government Tests of Its Fingerprint Matching Technology

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EU fusses over cyberhumans

The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) has called for regulation of the field of "information and communication technologies" (ICT) implants in humans, citing privacy and data protection concerns surrounding the burgeoning technology.

Oh, The Propaganda!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, George W. Bush, Armstrong Williams, Jeff Gannon, Karen Hughes, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge. Joseph Goebbels. What’s the difference?

Paul Wolfowitz has no background in economics, making him the best choice to lead the World Bank.

>> We Got Her So Scared

>> The Daily Show: Bad News

>> Morally Bankrupt

Russian General: Wargames Not Aimed At Taiwan Invasion

The forthcoming Russo-Chinese military exercise is not directed against any third parties, Russian General Staff Chief, General of the Army Yury Baluyevsky, now visiting Beijing, said Thursday.

Source: Schiavo's Feeding Tube Is Removed

Doctors removed Terri Schiavo's feeding tube Friday despite an extraordinary, last-minute push by Republicans on Capitol Hill to use the subpoena powers of Congress to keep the severely brain-damaged woman alive.

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