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Ohio Senate OKs revised anti-terrorism bill, 32-0

A revised version of an anti-terrorism bill that expands police powers sailed through the Ohio Senate on Wednesday with unanimous support.

>> Dollar Hits Nine-Week Low Against Euro

>> Spanish Muslims issue fatwa against Al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden

>> Strategic Explosives In The Twin Towers: The Evidence

>> Report: Mosque Blast Kills at Least 36 in Iraq

>> Unarmed Iranians Stage Protest on Plane

>> Pro-Syrian Lebanese Leader Is Reappointed

>> Troops in Shooting Were for Negroponte

>> It's Not Torture; It's 'Rendering'

>> Turning Chinese: So Much for the New Bush Economy

>> Ex-FBI Gunderson: Gannon is Gosch

>> Bush Ordered Attack on Sgrena and Calipari

>> War: A Breeding Ground For Tyrants

>> The Beast Of Jekyll Island

CIA Doesn't Know Lebanese


>> FLASHBACK: Ohioans Could Be Arrested For Not Telling Police Their Name

>> Alleged torture 'outsourcing' protested

>> Bill Would Ban Gun Sales to Terror Watch List

>> Officer Shoots Student With Taser Gun

>> Police use Taser on driver

>> Terror confessions on TV grip Baghdad

>> Charles Manson Clears Ted Bundy Of Murder

>> France National Library Airbrushes Out Sartre's Cigarette

>> Blair ready to take terror fight to polls

>> Patriot crews heading to exercise in Israel

>> Russian Plant Ready to Send Nuclear Fuel to Iran

>> Georgia Lawmakers Push Russian Withdrawal

>> Missile Defense Test Failed As Support Arm In Silo Failed To Clear: General


>> Spy camera find sparks ERI inquiry

>> Crash prompts call for bus cameras

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Cameras, sensors to run 2,818 intersections in city

With an eye toward "moving Chicago faster," Mayor Daley today will take the wraps off his "Star Wars" plan to use a computerized network of cameras and sensors to reduce traffic congestion.

Left Wing Establishment Not Pushing For US Withdrawal

Sadly, it has come to this. Two years after the invasion of Iraq, the online powerhouse — which built most of its member base with a strong antiwar message — is not pushing for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

So the signs are in English.

>> Daily Show: $ecret$ of New Journali$m $u¢¢e$$

>> The World Has Changed

>> Where's Walid?

NK's Taepodong Missiles Could Be Operational by 2015: LaPorte

North Korea could produce long-range missiles capable of hitting the west coast of the United States within the next decade, the chief of U.S. troops in South Korea said Tuesday.

Schwarzenegger Latest To Fake News Stories

The LA Times reports that the state used taxpayer money to produce a "mock news story" that pushes a government-backed, corporation-friendly proposal that would kill mandatory lunch hours for worker.

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