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Mother of teen hit with Taser 16 times plans to sue

A woman says police shocked her teenage son 16 times with a stun gun, causing him to temporarily lose his memory, and she plans to seek damages.

>> Sgrena Shooting: Hit or Message Sent?

>> The Benefit of the Dumb

>> My truth (La mia verità)

>> Right-Wing Bloggers' Fake Sgrena Car Photo

>> Iraqi Resistance Distances Itself From Civilian Blood

>> Army report: U.S. lost control in Iraq three months after invasion

>> Bulgaria Says Soldier Killed by U.S. Troops in Iraq

>> Teresa Heinz: Bush Win Suspicious

>> Chertoff's Cousin Penned Popular Mechanics 9/11 Hit Piece

>> Thompson's Suicide Fuels Conspiracy Buzz

>> U.S. targets spy services abroad

>> Buffett sorry for his $1.6bn winning bet against dollar

>> Web News Grows, Papers Spiral Down

>> U.N. 'explodes' American kids

>> South Dakota Paper Probes Senator's Link to Jeff Gannon

>> Bono's next No 1 may be at World Bank

>> Noreen Gosch still mum on 'Jeff Gannon'

>> Homosexuals Control Bush White House - Russian Paper

>> The Italian Job: High Noon in Baghdad

>> 50¢ of Every Tax Dollar Goes to Pay for Wars

>> Dr Arnold's Diet: Take a Steroid, Kick A Woman

Where's Walid?


>> Sanford man dies when tasered by police

>> Peers inflict terror bill defeat

>> British MI-5 Show Illustrates Benefits Of Torture

>> US sent hundreds of terror suspects to foreign prisons

>> Private firms to police terror orders

>> Police Arrest 8-Year-Old After Alleged Outburst in Williamsburg Elementary School

>> Pakistan-Iran naval exercises

>> Bhutto obtained missiles from North Korea

>> Syria's Assad: 'I am not Saddam Hussein'

>> Syrian pullback 'by end of March'

>> Chinese law may make invasion of Taiwan 'legal'


>> What the FDA Won’t Tell You about the VeriChip

>> Video Surveillance In High Crime Areas

>> Say no to Big Brother plan for Internet

>> Police look at wider use of cameras

>> Security's new face: 3-D face-recognition technology

>> RFID Invades the Capital

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Texas Prepares To Build 4,000 Mile Toll Road System

Texans are known for doing things in a big way. But the state is planning a futuristic highway system that's gargantuan even by Texas standards: 4,000 miles of expressways, mostly toll lanes.

Hunter Thompson friend confirms journalist was on to White House callboy story

"He certainly knew all about that and I believe had written about it. I don't know wheher there was a book in the works, but he certainly had published columns on it."

Can you spot the nearded nutter hell-bent on destroying the British way of life?

>> Any Questions?

>> Daily Show: Mess O' Potamia: False Assassination

>> More Revelations

Bolton Tapped to Be Next U.N. Ambassador

John R. Bolton, a tough-talking arms control official who rarely muffles his views in diplomatic niceties, was chosen Monday by President Bush to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Sgrena Must Be Lying Because The Government Has Never Done Anything Corrupt

They botched the assassination attempt and now the cover-up is in full gear. But surely it's absurd to suggest that they'd kill journalists? Just ignore the fact that they admitted they would before the war even started.

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