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Teens Eagerly Join Putin Youth

The 18 smartly dressed students swore their allegiance to Young Unity -- whose sole ideology, like United Russia, is to support President Vladimir Putin -- in a school assembly hall decorated with national flags and United Russia banners.

>> U.S. soldiers investigated for shooting Afghan villagers

>> NewsMax’s Latest Propaganda: Russia Hid Iraq WMDs

>> Yahoo refuse to give parents dead Marine's E mail password

>> Crude closes higher, OPEC says $80 is possible

>> Texas Republican Congressman: "Nuke Syria"

>> U.S. troop deaths in Iraq rise to 1,500; Government extends state of emergency

>> House Democrats will force vote on Gannon investigation as it relates to outed agent

>> Afghan government talking with Taliban

>> Cleric gets 30 months for Bali bomb conspiracy

>> The Myth Of Identity Theft: Creating a Catalogued Society

>> Slaying of judge's family may be tied to Plame case

>> Missing Pentagon Unobstructed Citgo Videos

>> Government Child Protection

>> Bind, Torture, Kill

>> How the White House Stage Managed the "Get Syria" Movement

Daily Show: Mess O' Potamia: False Assassination


>> CIA detention practices escape scrutiny

>> Petition to Save Terri Schiavo's Life

>> US developing 'pain from a distance' weapon

>> No Child Left Unmedicated


>> Some residents feel seat-belt bill steals their rights

>> Unpatriotic Russian Youth as Dangerous as Terrorism — Duma Official

>> China deports U.S. church leaders

>> Computer tax set to replace TV licence fee

>> Syrian soldiers reinforce positions in eastern Lebanon: witnesses

>> Iran threat: Attack by West risks all 'Middle East oil'

>> Saudi ruler urges Syrian pullout

>> N Korea makes missile test threat

>> Iran pouring foundation for heavy-water nuclear reactor - diplomats


>> Robots to Watch Children Showcased

>> Teen Tracker: Cell Phones Used To Track Teens

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Neighborhood WatchCam and Homeland SecureCam To Watch Over New Orleans

Video surveillance has become the latest weapon for law enforcement agencies to fight crime and terrorism. With the emergence of the Neighborhood WatchCam(TM) and its ability to connect directly to the power grid, IP-based network cameras can be easily deployed at strategic locations with video images streamed to a central monitoring station.

Forget Political Labels: They Mean Nothing

Conservative. Liberal. Moderate. Political labels are thrown around constantly in an attempt to define a person's ideology. The problem is, political labels are absolutely meaningless today. Absolutely meaningless!

Brian Williams reported a story that turned out to be false... welcome to network news, baby!

>> More Revelations

>> Aerosol Crimes By Clifford Carnicom

>> Nothing To See Here

Taiwan alarmed at China's treason law

The move is seen by many in the island republic as a "legal pre-emptive strike" that could lock Beijing into future military attack.

Jeff Gannon "Entertained" Tony Blair

It's the question even the mainstream-left AMERICABlog wants to know of GOP operative and male prostitute "Jeff Gannon": "In what capacity did you entertain Tony Blair during his visit on July 17, 2003?"

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