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Police Taser, Beat, Pepper Spray Mentally Handicapped Teen – Then Charge Him With Assault
Dayton police tasered, pepper-sprayed and beat a mentally handicapped teen and then charged him with assault. What did the disabled boy do to deserve this onslaught? The police officer “mistook” his speech impediment for a sign of “disrespect”.

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Disunited Americans Cannot Stand Up To Washington Tyranny
Americans are a doomed people for many reasons. One reason is that they are disunited and at one another’s throats and, thus, cannot stand up the tyranny issuing from Washington.

The Obama Press Conference Unplugged

Riot police braced for violence as union protesters march in cities across the UK and strike closes a third of all schools
Riot police were put on standby in anticipation of trouble in Central London, as anarchist group Black Bloc threatened ‘a day of rage’ and 10,000 officers have had their leave cancelled.

Obama on Libya: "I Don't Even Have to Get to the Constitutional Question"
During his speech yesterday, Barack Obama delivered probably the most arrogant statement thus far betraying his open hostility to the rule of law as it applies to his administration's illegal war on Libya, churlishly dismissing criticism from Congress and remarking, "I don't even have to get to the Constitutional question.

Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?
What in the world is really going on at Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun and Fukushima? There are millions of Americans that would like the truth about what is happening at these nuclear facilities, but the mainstream media has been strangely quiet.

Journalism as a Weapon of War in Libya
The truth has been turned on its head in Libya. NATO and the Libyan government are saying contradictory things. NATO says that the Libyan regime will fall in a matter of days, while the Libyan government says that the fighting in Misrata will end in about two weeks.

Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns
A senior Saudi Arabian diplomat and member of the ruling royal family has raised the spectre of nuclear conflict in the Middle East if Iran comes close to developing a nuclear weapon.

CIA asset: ‘Libyan opposition is al-Qaeda’
With bin Laden’s elimination, the US announced a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Now President Obama has revealed a new national strategy for counterterrorism.

It’s Official: China Is The “Mystery” Daily Buyer Of Billions Of Euros
Over the past two weeks, we have been suggesting, tongue in cheekily, that despite the relentless desires of everyone to sell the EUR, it has continued to drift higher, due to some inexplicable force with bottomless pockets, which, after some deductive logic, we assumed was China. It turns out we were correct.

Shell Game
New Investment Strategy: Preparing for End Times
Mint To Start Selling 2011 American Eagle Silver Coins At 75% Premium To Paper, As Senators Propose Eliminating Capital Gains From Precious Metal Transactions

Feds raid Amish farm for the crime of selling raw milk
A year long sting? 5 A.M raid? An undercover agent using aliases? The crime in question: unpasteurized milk.

Methane Contamination of Drinking Water Accompanying Gas-Well Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing
Directional drilling and hydraulic-fracturing technologies are dramatically increasing natural-gas extraction.

Sony backs U.S. cybersecurity legislation after data breach
Japan’s Sony Corp., victim of one of the largest data breaches in history, voiced support on Wednesday for cybersecurity legislation being considered by the US Congress.

TSA Too Busy Searching Diapers Over Checking Passports, Flight Passes
In the same week that the TSA came under renewed fire for forcing a cancer stricken elderly woman to remove her adult diaper comes news of a shocking security lapse.

Napolitano, Europeans Warn al-Qaeda May Get Libyan Weapons
On Thursday, the United States and the European Union warned that Libyan Army weapons may make their way to al-Qaeda, specifically al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). AQIM is reportedly active in the Sahara.

The War Against Libya

Los Alamos Fire: Perimeter of Nuclear Lab Set Ablaze
Firefighters working against the wildfire that surrounds the nuclear lab in Los Alamos, N.M., have set part of the perimeter of the lab ablaze in hopes of starving the wildfire of fuel in the event it heads back toward the stash of radioactive material stored inside the lab.

California tells online retailers to start collecting sales taxes from customers

Greece: This is What an IMF Riot Looks Like
The European stock market reacted jubilantly to news that the Greek parliament agreed to Mafia-like terms demanded by the international loan sharking operation, the IMF.

Poisoned Riots: Cops sprayed chemicals, hard to breathe in Athens

The Greek Tragedy Could Engulf Many More European States
Are the austerity protests and riots happening in Greece right now a glimpse of America’s future? The truth is that both nations are absolutely drowning in debt.

Member Of Greek Parliament Assaulted By Angry Mob For Flip-Flopping On Austerity Vote

Global Hypocrisy: France Arming Libyan Rebels
Brazenly violating a UN resolution it itself had help push through the Security Council, France has now admitted to arming Libya’s rebels with machine guns, anti-tank weapons, and RPGs. UNSC r.1973 supposedly allowed only for NATO forces to “protect” Libya’s civilian populations and specifically prohibited the supplying of weapons to either side.

Top Obama Advisor: Homeland is “Primary” Focus of Counterterrorism
The Huffington Post is reporting that the White House is set to release their new counterterrorism strategy on the White House website.

A Huge Number Of Americans Believe The Economy Has Now Entered “Permanent Decline”
39% of Americans believe the US economy has now entered “permanent decline” according to a new poll from CBS and NYT.

Obama Redirects From A Broke US Government By Playing The Class Warfare Card, Focuses On “Millionaires And Billionaires”

Police: Dead Body in Public Pool For Two Days While People Continue Swimming
A drowned woman’s body lay at the bottom of a public pool for two days while people swam in the water.

Birthers Hold Press Conference to Announce Suit Against Esquire
“Birther” proponents continued to bang the drum against President Barack Obama Wednesday at the National Press Club in D.C. as they unveiled a $30 million defamation lawsuit against Esquire magazine over an article that said they’d abandoned their cause and backed away from a book supporting their theory.

Britain: Council to Force Family Living On Their Own Land and Growing Their Own Food to Live in State Housing and Become Dole Recipients
A COUPLE living an “off-grid” lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand and return to an existence in the benefits trap.

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