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Texas Senator Compares TSA Fight To Revolutionary War
The Texas Senator at the forefront of the fight against invasive TSA pat-downs has likened the stand-off between state and federal authorities over a bill that would criminalize TSA groping to the revolutionary war against Mexico, calling the situation a "Come and Take It" moment once again for Texas.

Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Subway, Truck, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane
Michigan Lawmaker wants to criminalize ‘intrusive’ searches by airport screeners
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Video of crashed NATO helicopter drone in Libya
Libyan state television broadcast images of what appeared to be the wreckage of an aircraft on Tuesday.

Rep. Ron Paul issues campaign pledges
Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s campaign issued issued a statement on what his budget priorities will be if elected.

Internal IMF Audit Finds Bailout Fund Has Zero Credibility
While the fact that its former head is an alleged rapist caught some by surprise, the observation that the IMF has no credibility whatsoever has been well known for a long time by all market skeptics.

Americans are tired of wars
Libya is simply the most recent issue, but look at the 100,000 US troops in Afghanistan and the 50,000 in Iraq, not to mention even more under the radar in Pakistan. Still, the NATO assault is continuing in Libya and 72% of Americans, according to the polls, are tired of all the military initiatives the US is involved with and think the country should withdraw.

TSA Showdown a Watershed Moment in Battle For Freedom
A bill that would criminalize invasive TSA pat downs in Texas has risen like a phoenix from the flames, with Governor Rick Perry being forced to include the item on the agenda for the current special session of the legislature, setting the stage for what could potentially become a watershed moment in the battle to peel back a federal power grab that has characterized the advance of big government.

Texas Tells Feds: Shove Your Light Bulb Ban
State lawmakers have passed a bill that allows Texans to skirt federal efforts to promote more efficient light bulbs, which ultimately pushes the swirled, compact fluorescent bulbs over the 100-watt incandescent bulbs many grew up with.

Are LulzSec Hacker Attacks the Work of Military Intelligence?
MSNBC reports the shadowy hacking groups LulzSec and Anonymous are now working together and have claimed credit for launching a denial-of-service attack that earlier today took down the website of SOCA, the British police Serious Organized Crime Agency.

Turkish choppers over Syria. NATO boosts Izmir base
War fever in and around Syria after Syrian President Bashar Assad’s speech Monday, June 20, sparked riots by disappointed protesters in Damascus and Latakia.

Bombings kill 25, injure 30 in Iraq
Twenty-five people have been killed and 30 injured when two car bombs exploded outside the residence of a local governor in central Iraq.

Brian Haw Tribute : Jan 7th 1949 – June 18th 2011 RIP
Brian Haw, who day after day and night after night for nearly a decade maintained a vigil outside Parliament in London to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, died on Saturday. He was 62.

Fukushima USA? Dangerous radioactive leaks and cracked foundations go unpunished at American nuclear power plants
Safety has taken a back seat to cost-cutting at most of the nation’s nuclear power plants, sparking fears that America could be facing its own Fukushima disaster.

Air passenger data deal ‘illegal’, EU lawyers say
A joint US-EU deal to allow the Americans to store personal information on transatlantic air passengers for 15 years is illegal, according to the European Commission’s own lawyers.

Nuclear Reactor Design Chosen – Not Because It Was Safe – But Because It Worked On Navy Submarines
Virtually all of the nuclear reactors in the U.S. are of the same archaic design as those at Fukushima (Indeed, MSNBC notes that there are 23 U.S. reactors which are more or less identical to those at Fukushima.)

Snow Falling in Colorado on Eve of Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice
The calendar says summer starts tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere. The snow falling in the mountains of Colorado tells a different story.

Newt Gingrich’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul
In a very telling move, Newt Gingrich has apparently decided that h e stands a much better chance of winning the GOP nomination for 2012 if he acts like Congressman Ron Paul.

Three-quarters of U.S. nuke plants have had radioactive leaks
Three-quarters of the country’s nuclear power plants have seen radioactive tritium leaks, an Associated Press investigation finds.

No Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan
Four cheers for the U.S. Conference of Mayors! It has just voted up a resolution calling on Washington to transfer $126-billion in annual spending from its Middle East wars to America’s cities!

O’Reilly and Rapper Argue About Bogus War On Terror
Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and rapper Lupe Fiasco went at it on O’Reilly’s show Monday night. O’Reilly defended Obama’s wars and Fiasco criticized them. Bill was supposedly miffed that the Muslim rapper considers Obama a terrorist.

5 Outrageous Government Crackdowns on Peaceful Activists
Activists continue to be arrested, assaulted and otherwise harassed by the nation’s police and government agencies for participating in nonviolent protests and other actions.

Hackers ‘steal entire 2011 census’
The entire 2011 UK census database has been stolen by hackers and will be published online, it has been claimed.

Saving the world and the ocean, one activist opinion at a time – another NGO flap, this one duped global media
It seems the alarming story of “Ocean extinction has started in our time” making the rounds of the alarmist blogs and gullible media is nothing more than an unpublished, unchecked opinion, and some pal review amongst activists at a three day conference.

Huge Marine Drill Confirms Ground Invasion of Libya
On Sunday, CNN reported on a huge Marine war exercise dubbed Exercise Mailed Fist.

Strange Definitions of War and Peace
“Kinetic Military Action” or War – Libyans are Still Dead
Libya says new Nato missile attack killed three children

No-Life Zone: Deeper and Deeper Into the Mire
Obviously, there was a typo in the UN resolution approving NATO’s operations in Libya. It was widely reported that the resolution authorized the establishment of a “no-fly” zone in Libya to protect civilians from being killed by military attack.

14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President

Supporters of Texas Governor Rick Perry are not going to like this article at all. Right now, Republicans all over the United States are touting Rick Perry as the “Republican messiah” that is going to come charging in to save America from the presidency of Barack Obama.

Presenting Obama’s Latest $50,000 Non-Recourse, Interest-Free Gift To “Troubled” Homeowners
Today the Obama administration launched its latest $1 billion “stimulus” in the form of the Emergency Homeowner’s Loan Program (EHLP), certainly not to be confused with Homeowner Emergency something something, which would be abbreviated HELP (and would be way too cute).

Greek Streets ‘Explosive’ as PM Faces Confidence Vote
European stocks rose early Tuesday and the euro stabilized versus the Swiss franc on hopes that euro zone officials will find a way to prevent a Greek default.

The Financial Collapse Of Greece: The Canary In The Coal Mine For The Global Economy?

FITCH WARNS: US Must Raise The Debt Ceiling By Aug 2, Or Risk Losing Its AAA

At this point, anyone who thinks that there won’t be any consequences to a debt ceiling failure are insane, if only due to the regulatory/ratings hit.

Don’t Expect to See Gasoline Below $3 Any Time Soon
Indian Gold And Silver Imports Surge By Stunning 500% In May

Government ‘surplus’ stores now selling personal items TSA steals from passengers
If you have ever wondered what happens to the countless barrels of personal items that the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confiscates (steals) from air travelers every single day, you might be surprised to know that state governments are now reselling these supposedly “dangerous” items in government surplus stores for extra revenue.

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