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MEP Assaulted by Bilderberg Security to Take Legal Action
The Italian European Parliament member who was violently assaulted by security guards outside the site of the elitist Bilderberg conference at the Suvretta hotel in St. Moritz has vowed to take legal action.

Jim Tucker: Bilderberg Wraps Up Earlier Than Ever Before
AP Reports On Bilderberg Meeting After It Ends
Bilderberg 2011 Ends, Police Take Down Security Barriers
Mark Anderson on Bilderberg 2011: David Rockefeller Confrontation
Activists Obtain Official European Arrest Warrant For Henry Kissinger
VIDEO REPORTS: Bilderberg 2011, the final day
Bilderberg 2011: Lord Mandelson’s nature walk
Up to No Good: ‘New war likely on Bilderberg agenda’
Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes: Day 4 Report from Bilderberg 2011

Gaddafi writes U.S. Congress a thank you note for chastising Obama on Libya
Libya’s embattled leader Moamer Kadhafi appears to have written to the US Congress to praise its criticism of President Barack Obama over NATO raids on Libya, officials said Friday.

High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag Terror … And Warn of Future Attacks
FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, Keith Olbermann and the Washington Post have all said that U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”.

Fukushima already ten times worse than Chernobyl in ocean waters, suggests data
Recent readings taken roughly 19 miles out to sea from the Fukushima nuclear power facility in Japan have revealed radioisotope levels ten times higher than those measured in the Baltic and Black Seas after the massive Chernobyl disaster.

TSA targets 36 for firing at airport
Thirty-six Transportation Security Administration workers at Honolulu Airport, including the top director, were given termination notices Friday, and 12 others were suspended in the largest mass disciplinary action in the federal agency’s history.

Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Security Perimeter
Astounding footage has emerged of top Bilderberg members being confronted by protesters as they walked on foot down the mountain road towards the Suvretta Hotel. Bilderberg attendees rarely ever venture outside of hotel grounds which is why this represents such a shocking development.

Bilderberg 2011: Full Official Attendee List
Thanks to the fantastic work of Bilderberg activists, journalists and the Swiss media, we have now been able to obtain the full list of 2011 Bilderberg attendees.

Revolution Against Bilderberg Accelerating
PHOTOS: Swiss Newspapers Cover Bilderberg
Bilderberg 2011: For he’s a jolly good Rockefeller
NATO Chief Rasmussen to Discuss Expanding Libya War at Bilderberg Summit
Italian MEP ‘bloodied’ sneaking into Bilderberg hotel
Luke Rudkowski Goes to Dinner at Bilderberg Meeting
Bilderberg: A Tea Party For The Oligarchical Elite? Think Again
RT – Bilderberg: world’s fate sealed behind closed doors
Paul Watson’s/Aaron Dykes’ Final Bilderberg Report Day 2

‘Iran has no nukes and US knows that’
Washington is ignoring its own intelligence because it is hell-bent on finding nuclear weapons that do not exist, Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh told RT.

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Exclusive: The Fed’s $600 Billion Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues At The Expense Of The Domestic Economy, Or Explaining Where All The QE2 Money Went
Courtesy of the recently declassified Fed discount window documents, we now know that the biggest beneficiaries of the Fed’s generosity during the peak of the credit crisis were foreign banks, among which Belgium’s Dexia was the most troubled, and thus most lent to, bank.

More Temporary Solutions To Long Term Economic Problems
Paul tells Manchester crowd inflation will hit 50 percent

EPA gave over a million dollars in grant money to China
In an age when the U.S. government is spending the nation into oblivion, it never ceases to amaze us to learn of the new and inventive ways Washington can dispose of your tax dollars.

IMF hit by sophisticated cyberattack: report
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was the target of a sophisticated cyberattack earlier this year, the New York Times reported Saturday, quoting senior officials at the world lender.

Scientists create cow that produces ‘human’ milk
Scientists in Argentina have created the world’s first cow to boast two human genes that will enable it to produce human-like milk.

Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?
Following several reports that male prostitutes were being transported to a location near the Suvretta Hotel at which Bilderberg members are stationed in St. Moritz, members of the elitist confab were subsequently photographed leaving the luxury El Paradiso compound and walking back to the hotel.

Hillary Clinton ‘wants to quit to run World Bank’
Hillary Clinton has been in discussions with the White House about stepping down from her job as Secretary of State to become head of the World Bank, according to reports.

Syria: secret agents ‘led massacre in Jisr al-Shughur’
Secret agents wearing coloured wristbands as their sole distinguishing marks directed a civilian massacre in Jisr al-Shughur, fleeing residents said yesterday as army tanks moved into the largely deserted Syrian town.

Globalist Spin & the Syrian Unrest
In January 2011, the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt took many by surprise. Amidst the confusion, the global elite and their nefarious networks of NGOs, civil society organizations, and foreign-funded, trained, and armed opposition groups were able to dislodge the governments in both nations.




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