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Gen. Hamid Gul: US will start WW3 if war expands to Pakistan
Amid the fallout between Washington and Islamabad over the killing of Osama Bin Laden, RT spoke to Hamid Gul, former chief of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency. He calls the US a haughty empire spoiled by a sense of authority.

Terrorists planned to kill Lockheed Martin CEO as response to drone bombings
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Pakistan orders probe of Osama bin Laden’s hideout
Pakistan on Tuesday ordered an investigation to discover “the full facts” of how Osama bin Laden lived undetected, likely for years, on its soil until being killed in a US commando raid on May 2.

Land around Fukushima now radioactive dead zone; resembles target struck by atomic bomb
It is nothing short of astonishing that the nuclear catastrophe we’ve all been told was “no big deal” has now escalated into the worst nuclear disaster in the history of human civilization.

Investment Idea: Pre-Fukushima Sake and Shochu
Fukushima could have been prevented

Libya: SAS veterans helping Nato identify Gaddafi targets in Misrata
Former SAS soldiers and other western employees of private security companies are helping Nato identify targets in the Libyan port city of Misrata, the scene of heavy fighting between Muammar Gaddafi's forces and rebels, well-placed sources have told the Guardian.

How Goldmans cost Gaddafi a $1.3bn fortune

U.S. announces charges against five 9/11 terror suspects
WASHINGTON — US military prosecutors at Guantanamo were expected to file fresh charges on Tuesday against the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four alleged co-conspirators.

Psych drug doctors now pushing to add lithium to drinking water
Chlorine, fluoride, and the various other chemical poisons already added to the nation’s drinking water supplies are apparently not enough for the self-appointed experts whose insatiable lust to force-medicate the world is never satisfied.

1979 : Before The Hockey Team Destroyed Climate Science
A reminder that there was a time when climate scientists actually did science.

Nanny State Betrays Decline and Fall of America
Two more ridiculous examples of the nanny state kicking into high gear add to the overwhelming weight of evidence indicating that America is in a state of terminal decline, with an overtly authoritarian big government enforcing a command and control system at every level of society.

Pentagon Declares War On Cyber Enemies
The Pentagon has announced that computer intrusions from abroad are to be considered acts of war against the United States and will be answered with conventional military force.

Cyber warfare: Britain developing ‘virtual weapons’ to combat hacker threat

Bigger dance party planned at Jefferson Memorial
The new event, which organizers say is not a protest, is scheduled for this Saturday. It’s billed as “Dance Party @ TJ’S!!!” As of Monday morning, more than 1,600 people had said on Facebook that they were planning to attend.

Debt Ceiling Tragicomedy Resumes: On Today’s Symbolic, And Doomed, $2.4 Trillion Debt Ceiling Vote

Today at 7:00 pm the House will hold a very symbolic vote on a $2.4 trillion debt ceiling increase. Symbolic because it is doomed from the beginning as every single republican will vote no.

Rep. Ron Paul goes after Huckabee supporters
Texas Rep. Ron Paul is reportedly courting former supporters of Mike Huckabee.

Rep. Paul to Fed: Tell Us Everything, or Else
The chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve demanded Tuesday that the Fed fully disclose details of billions — perhaps trillions — in secret emergency loans it made to almost every major bank in the U.S. and overseas during the financial crisis or face a congressional subpoena for the information.

Ron Paul tells Iowans he is a “mainstream candidate” for 2012

18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons
In the United States today, our public schools are not very good at educating our students, but they sure are great training grounds for learning how to live in a Big Brother police state control grid.

The Murder of America By The Hijacked Federal Government
Last week, the hijacked federal government treated Texas like Libya and Iraq, and acted in contempt of the people of Texas, the state legislature, and the U.S. constitution.

One percent holds 39 percent of global wealth
Around one percent of households have 39 percent of the globe’s wealth according to a study published Tuesday, pointing to increased inequalities in the wake of the global downturn.

Suddenly Everyone Is Warning About The Next Financial Collapse
Billion Dollar Fund Managers Agree: The Government Never Fixed the Underlying Economic Problems, So We’ll Have Another Crash

House rejects debt ceiling bill in ‘political charade’
Lawmakers voted against raising the US borrowing cap without making cuts in spending, in a Republican ploy Democrats branded a “charade” unworthy of a vital economic issue.

Julian Assange: U.S. reaction to WikiLeaks most severe since McCarthy era
In an interview produced by Millar Grattan Media, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims that the United State’s response to his organization’s activities has been the most severe reaction since the McCarthy era.

Supreme Court rules John Ashcroft did not misuse power to arrest terror witness
The Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously threw out a lawsuit accusing former Attorney General John Ashcroft of misusing his power by jailing a supposed terrorism witness in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Ron Paul: We Are Enabling A Future American Dictatorship
2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that a lack of oversight from Congress, the media and the American people is enabling the rise of a dictatorship in the US.

Afghan leader warns NATO not to become ‘occupying force’
President Hamid Karzai warned NATO-led forces in Afghanistan on Tuesday they were at risk of being seen as an occupying force rather than an ally after a spate of civilian casualties, and said he would take unspecified “action” if they continue.

Gaddafi appears on Libyan state television with South Africa leader Zuma

Irate Germany Summons Iranian Ambassador After Angela Merkel Plane Denied Access Over Iran Airspace For Two Hours
It appears that even a Stuxnet-crippled Iran can strike back. As the WSJ reports, “Germany summoned the Iranian ambassador in Berlin Tuesday after Iran temporarily blocked a plane carrying German Chancellor Angela Merkel from entering its airspace” in what has the making of a major diplomatic scandal.

Saudi-Iran Feud Draws Sectarian Line Across Mideast Oilfields
Diners at Shayan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital, are assured by a sign near the cash register that they can enjoy the restaurant’s Persian food without worrying about Iranians profiting. The establishment is Saudi- owned, it says.

Damn! Aussies to be fined for swearing
Australians may have a love of plain speaking but new laws are set to curtail some of their more colourful language with police issuing on-the-spot fines for obnoxious swearing.




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