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Columbia University: Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer
Airport body scanners could lead to an increase in skin cancers according to scientists at Columbia University, who warn that the dose emitted by the naked x-ray devices could be up to 20 times higher than originally estimated, in another clear example of how the scanners are completely illegal, dangerous to public health, and need to be removed immediately.

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Bill Clinton: ‘We may have to blow up the well’
“Unless we send the Navy down deep to blow up the well and cover the leak with piles and piles and piles of rock and debris, which may become necessary – you don’t have to use a nuclear weapon by the way, I’ve seen all that stuff, just blow it up – unless we’re going to do that, we are dependent on the technical expertise of these people from BP,” Clinton said.

Turks shot multiple times on Gaza aid ship: forensics
All but two of the nine Turks killed in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship were shot more than once, and five died from bullet wounds to the head, according to forensic reports.

If the DHS Is Serving Malware, Should It Be Our Internet Cop?
If you were looking for a company to take charge of the security on your own systems, would you trust one that was serving malware from its own Web site? Me neither.

GREECE UNDER NEWS BLACKOUT: Here’s How An Eyewitness Describes Today’s Riots
There are reports this morning of violent protests/riots in Greece, once again. Here’s how a source on the ground describes the situation.

New Big Screen Documentary Exposes Pat Tillman Cover-Up
A new documentary set to hit the big screen this summer lifts the lid on the cover-up behind the death of Pat Tillman, the pro-football star who gave up a lucrative career to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq before preparing to return to the U.S. as an anti-war icon, at which point he was killed in a so-called friendly fire incident that more closely resembled a deliberate assassination.

‘Dozens’ of US citizens on assassination list, White House adviser hints
When it was confirmed last winter by then-Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair that the Obama administration had authorized the assassination of American citizens working with terrorist groups overseas, it appeared that no more than three Americans were being targeted in this manner.

Target Tehran? Israel, US ‘prepare to attack Iran’
Reports are circulating that the U.S is amassing a greater military presence in the Middle East. The alleged build up is also rumoured to involve the Israeli use of Saudi Arabian air space. It’s thought by some to be in preparation for an attack on Iran.

7 Potential Economic Effects Of A War With Iran

In Ordinary Lives, U.S. Sees the Work of Russian Agents
They had lived for more than a decade in American cities and suburbs from Seattle to New York, where they seemed to be ordinary couples working ordinary jobs, chatting to the neighbors about schools and apologizing for noisy teenagers.

The Military Can Waste Money Too
This past week various news events once again made it abundantly clear that our foreign policy is an abject failure. Unfortunately, in spite of this the administration is determined to stay on this destructive course, despite any past promises to change it.

Greece Rocked By Communist Anti-Austerity Protesters
Gold On Brink of Parabolic Move?

Sen. Claire McCaskill Aide Calls Tea Party Protesters ‘Brown Shirts’
“…when Hitler took over Germany, he did it just that way: disrupting meetings, screaming — and then it got violent. But they were always a minority.”

G20 Cops Charge Peaceful Protesters Singing “O Canada”
As Toronto cleans up after a weekend of G20-related violence, questions are being raised about the actions of police.

Cybersecurity Measures Will Mandate Government "ID Tokens" To Use The Internet
The move to shut down and regulate the Internet under a new government-controlled system has accelerated into high gear with the announcement that the government's cybersecurity strategy revolves around issuing Internet users with ID "tokens" without which they will not be able to visit websites, the latest salvo against web freedom which, in combination with Senator Joe Lieberman's 'kill switch' bill, will serve to eviscerate the free Internet as we know it.

London Police Attack Photographer, Claim “We Don’t Have To Have A Law” To Detain You
A young photographer was accused of being a threat under the Terrorism Act and eventually pushed down a flight of stairs by London police after he refused to stop photographing officers and cadets during a public parade.

G20 protesters speak: It was chaos, riot cops fired on women

Alex to Become Hurricane as Swells Reach Gulf Spill
Tropical Storm Alex, the first named system of the Atlantic hurricane season, strengthened today over open waters, forcing the evacuation of rigs in the Gulf of Mexico while pushing swells toward the worst U.S. oil spill.

Consumer Confidence Collapses Massively In June
The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index for June dropped sharply to 52.9, which is a horrible underperformance of expectations given that consensus had forecast a reading of 62.

U.S. Stocks Drop on Concern About China; Dow Falls Below 10,000

Michael Mann says hockey stick should not have become ‘climate change icon’
The scientist behind the controversial ‘hockey stick’ graph has said it was ’somewhat misplaced’ to make his work an ‘icon of the climate change debate’.

China Denies Military Exercise Aimed at U.S.
China denied on Tuesday media reports that an artillery drill in the East China Sea was in response to a planned military exercise between South Korea and the United States.

Tarpley: Description of ‘Russian spies’ more like journalism than espionage

Kagan’s Own Words: It’s Fine If The Law Bans Books Because Government Won’t Really Enforce It
Kagan Argued Before Supreme Court: its Fine if The Law Bans Books Because Government Won’t Really Enforce It.

I’d rather stick my hand in a bag of amphetamine-injected rattlesnakes than put my trust in tonight’s BBC Panorama documentary on ‘Global Warming’
Let’s just remind ourselves, shall we, why the BBC is constitutionally incapable of reporting on global warming in a fair, balanced or indeed honest way.

Texas Rangers arrest Candi Cooper outside Austin home
The wife of former Texas drug cop-turned anti-prohibition crusader Barry Cooper has been arrested, according to a phone call I just received.

Rationing us to Death: The Real Green Agenda!
Here we go, not only have we to pay for water contaminated with the toxic chemical fluoride, now we’ve to get used to rationing according to the top ‘climate change’ expert and global warming mouthpiece, John Sweeny.

CLEAR Water Tests Positive for Oil, Officials “Only Doing Visual Assessments”, “What You Can’t See May Be More Dangerous”
Dick Snyder, director of the Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation at the University of West Florida, began conducting water samples May 3 on Pensacola Beach every Tuesday and Thursday because beach and health officials were only doing visual assessments.

Kucinich: ‘We are losing our nation to lies about the necessity of war’
In Afghanistan, corruption is rife. It is so abundant, in fact, that a senior US lawmaker declared on Monday that she’d be freezing $3.9 billion in Afghan aid dollars until the situation is addressed.

Turkey bans Israeli military flight from its airspace as freeze deepens
Turkey has banned an Israeli military flight from its airspace in apparent retaliation for Israel’s interception of the Free Gaza flotilla last month, in which nine pro-Palestinian Turkish activists were killed.

G20 summit drops clean-energy pledge
Toronto - The leaders of the world's 20 most powerful developed and developing states (G20) on Sunday dropped a pledge to invest in climate-friendly energy generation from their final summit statement.

American Physicist Joins Attack on Global Warming Theory
The £84 per year green tax hidden on energy bills that most consumers do not know they are paying


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