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Indian Children Blinded, Crippled By Fluoride In Water
The controversy over adding sodium fluoride to water supplies in both the U.S. and the UK is intensifying as two separate stories out of India reveal that children are being blinded and crippled partly as a result of the neurotoxin being artificially added to drinking water.

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Bill O’Reilly Says “Fiscal Tough Guy” Romney Will Be Next President
Fox News “conservative” (who has proposed a national sales tax) Bill O’Reilly says the next president will be obliged to cut the federal budget. He predicts Mitt Romney will fill the order. But as Carla Howell writes, Romney is anything but a fiscal tough guy of the sort O’Reilly demands.

BP oil containment stopped after gas detected: coordinator
The containment system capturing oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill had to be removed Wednesday, leaving the gusher unchecked after a collision involving a robotic submarine, US officials said.

Toxic Rain Falls in Louisiana

Supreme Court Nominee Could Coronate Obama
If confirmed by the United States Senate, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan will crown President Obama with “imperial” constitutional powers. Congress and Federal Courts will wither as checks against his presidential usurpations or abuses whenever war or other national security claims are bugled over Iran, North Korea, Yemen, international terrorism, economic adversity, or otherwise.

Barack Obama, Dictator

Soros Says Germany Could Cause Euro Collapse
German’s budget savings policy risks destroying the European project and a collapse of the euro cannot be ruled out, billionaire investor George Soros said in a newspaper interview released on Wednesday.

New Record For GLD Gold Holdings (+5 Tonnes); Gold On Its Way To Validate Goldman’s $1,400/Oz Prediction
Housing Double Dip Accelerates As Existing Home Sales Plunge -2.2% In May Versus 6.0% Consensus, Down From 8% In April

AUDIO: In 2004 Obama Advocated Trading Border Security for Amnesty
In a 2004 interview with Chicago Public Radio, President Obama’s words are consistent with Sen. Kyl’s recent remarks.

Jesus will return by 2050, say 40pc of Americans
More than 40 per cent of Americans believe Jesus Christ will return to Earth by 2050, according to a poll.

Mexicans Plotted to Blow Up Dam Kill 10000s Americans
A mexican drug cartel called the Zetas plotted to blow up Falcon dam and kill 10000s americans. American officials told a Houston newspaper that the Zetas drug cartel had been involved in a plot to blow up Falcon Dam.

Prescription drug abuse exceeds heroin, cocaine and ecstasy combined
Rates of prescription drug abuse worldwide are higher than those for the use of cocaine, ecstasy and heroin, combined, according to a new report by the United Nations’ International Narcotics Control Boards (INCB).

Now scientists read your mind better than you can

City of Seattle to Contractors: No White Males Need Apply?
An interestingly-written PowerPoint presentation from the City of Seattle caught our attention recently.

‘Climate change sceptics have smaller members, uglier wives, dumber kids’ says new study made up by warmists
Are there really no depths to which ManBearPig-worshippers will not stoop in order to shore up their intellectually, morally and scientifically bankrupt cause?

Israel Vows To Tighten Gaza Blockade – U.S. Media Reports Blockade Eased
While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to tighten the blockade against Gaza, the castrated corporate media in the U.S. is reporting that Israeli restrictions are being eased.

The Obama-McChrystal Showdown
McChrystal’s remarks this time have gone beyond anything the rebellious general has said in public before, rocking America’s political and military establishments. Despite a prompt and profuse apology for displaying what General McChrystal admitted was poor judgment and a lack of integrity, considerable uncertainty hangs over his future.

General McChrystal’s Burning Contempt for the Puppet Obama

Operation Blackjack: Retrospective
Remember Operation Blackjack? In early 2009 The London Telegraph mysteriously ran a series of pieces in it’s “culture” section depicting a co-ordinated round of nuclear attacks on major cities, begining in London and moving to New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, Mexico City, Portland, and Los Angeles.

New home sales at record low as tax credit expires
Sales of new homes dropped a record 32.7 percent in May to the lowest level in at least four decades as the boost from a popular tax credit faded, adding to worries of a slowing economic recovery.

CIA gives Blackwater firm new $100 million contract
The Central Intelligence Agency has hired Xe Services, the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, to guard its facilities in Afghanistan and elsewhere, according to an industry source.

Does The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Mean That The U.S. Is Headed For Gas Lines, Higher Food Prices And A Broken Economy?
As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis enters a third month, the economic impact of this environmental nightmare is starting to become clearer

US taxpayers ‘funding’ Afghan Warlords
U.S. taxpayers’ dollars are finding their way in to the pockets of the Taliban. That’s according to a new congressional investigation about the military’s use of Afghan security firms to ensure the safe passage of supply convoys. Almost without fail: if the U.S. doesn’t pay up, the convoy gets attacked.

The Global Warming Inquisition Has Begun
A new “study” has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) which has examined the credentials and publication records of climate scientists who are global warming skeptics versus those who accept the “tenets of anthropogenic climate change”.

Climate Depot’s News Round Up on Black List: ‘Stasi-esque’ — Inquisition Has Begun! Warmists’ ‘Black List’ Shame: ‘So many errors of data’

Judge halts Obama’s oil-drilling ban
A federal judge in New Orleans halted President Obama’s deepwater drilling moratorium on Tuesday, saying the government never justified the ban and appeared to mislead the public in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Obama to push climate change on back of BP spill
Iran, BP and the CIA
BP Had the Technology to Accurately Measure Amount of Oil Leaking into the Gulf 2 Years Ago

Political Mischaracterization of Fluoridation Opposition Dismays Scientists
Scientists representing the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) strongly object to recent mischaracterizations of fluoridation opponents by political pundits Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and others in conjunction with Senator Harry Reid’s Nevada re-election campaign.

Mount Pleasant Reduces Amount of Fluoride in Water


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