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MSNBC In Cover-Up Of Manifestly Provable Population Control Plan
As part of his obsessive drive to smear anti-big government activists as insanely paranoid and dangerous radicals, Chris Matthews and his guest, establishment neo-lib David Corn, previewed tonight’s “Rise of the New Right” hit piece by claiming that the elite’s agenda to enact dictatorial population control measures was a “conspiracy theory”.

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Pentagon report in April never mentioned $1 trillion in Afghan wealth
A RAW STORY investigation has revealed that a report released by the Pentagon last April on the progress of the Afghanistan “surge” included only a single passing reference to a survey that is now being touted as having discovered mineral resources in that nation potentially worth $1 trillion.

WeAreChangeLA Organizer Faces Terrorist Charge
WeAreChangeLA’s lead organizer Bruno Bruhwiler is being targeted as a terrorist threat. It all began when Bruno was sitting in the audience at a civil hearing for another WACLA member. The Judge literally did not like Bruno’s involuntary facial expressions, and ordered him out of the courtroom.

The Federal Reserve Warns About The Dangers Of The… Federal Reserve
A not very long time ago, in a galaxy known as the Milky Way, the member of an occult group of sinister individuals warned that should this group ever get to a point where it believed it could fix fiscal problems through printing money, this would present “a paramount risk to the long-term welfare of the U.S. economy.”

Scan of Arctic ice dispels melting gloom, scientist says
The meltdown has not been as dire as some would suggest, said geophysicist Christian Haas of the University of Alberta. His international team flew across the top of the planet last year for the 2,412-kilometre survey.

New Bill Gives Obama 'Kill Switch' To Shut Down The Internet
The federal government would have "absolute power" to shut down the Internet under the terms of a new US Senate bill being pushed by Joe Lieberman, legislation which would hand President Obama a figurative "kill switch" to seize control of the world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

Boehner: Obama Exploiting Crisis To Pus Job-Killing Energy Tax
House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement in advance of tonight’s Oval Office address on the Gulf oil spill.

Steele Accuses Obama of Exploiting Oil Spil For Political Gain
McConnell: Obama Concerned With Taxing Americans, Not Plugging The Leak
US oil spill ‘epidemic’ may last years: Obama
Obama’s Speech Raises Question: Where Does He Get the Authority to ‘Inform’ a Private Company That It Must Surrender Its Money?

BP Was Founding Member of ‘Cap-and-Trade’ Lobby
As BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig was sinking on April 22, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., was on the phone with allies in his push for climate legislation, telling them he would soon roll out the Senate climate bill with the support of the utility industry and three oil companies — including BP, according to the Washington Post.

Climate Bill Lacks Momentum Even After BP Spill, Democrats Say
US Revises Estimate For The BP Oil Spill Higher For Third Time, Now At 35,000-60,000 Per Day As BP Cries Foul Over Counterparty Exposure
BP Admits That – If It Tries to Cap the Leak – the Whole Well May Blow
16 Burning Questions About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill That We Deserve Some Answers To

Is Blackwater’s Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?
Sources close to Blackwater and its secretive owner Erik Prince claim that the embattled head of the world’s most infamous mercenary firm is planning to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Middle Eastern nation, a major hub for the US war industry, has no extradition treaty with the United States.

Seattle Cop Punches Woman in Face
It all started when a cop stopped a man for jaywalking. Things escalated quickly from there as voices were raised and a crowd gathered. When two young women intervened an onlooker pulled out his camera phone and started to roll tape.

MSNBC Goons Assault Tea Party Activists While Pointing Fingers At Others For Violence
As MSNBC prepares to air a monumental hit piece on the increasingly popular anti-incumbent sentiment sweeping the U.S., attempting to portray the Tea Party movement as violent, an important video from the Alex Jones archives provides a timely reminder that those pointing fingers at others for being violent are actually the only ones engaging in any violence.

First, China. Next: the Great Firewall of… Australia?
The concept of government-backed web censorship is usually associated with nations where human rights and freedom of speech are routinely curtailed. But if Canberra’s plans for a mandatory Internet filter go ahead, Australia may soon become the first Western democracy to join the ranks of Iran, China and a handful of other nations where access to the Internet is restricted by the state.

Wikileaks Afghan Massacre Video Coming Soon
After several days underground, the founder of the secretive website WikiLeaks has gone public to disclose that he is preparing to release a classified Pentagon video of a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan last year that left as many as 140 civilians dead, most of them children and teenagers.

Paying the Price for Objectivity Toward Palestinians
The propagandists for the Israel Lobby, who occupy the Wall Street Journal editorial page while pretending to be journalists, are determined to remove Helen Thomas from the annals of journalism.

Food and Depopulation: International Takeover by the UN
Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore and Sean Penn are probably unaware, even though they are UN Ambassadors to the World Food Program (WFP), that the intent of the UN is to implement one world government.

Psycho Talk: MSNBC’s Schultz Calls for Obama to Act ‘Like a Dictator’ — Twice
Everyone should be thankful that MSNBC has hired the outspoken angry critics and has managed to keep them out of the circles of power in government.

The Next Housing Crisis
Did the Federal Reserve collude with the big banks to hold millions of houses off the market until the Fed finished adding $1.25 trillion to the banks reserves?

Physical Scramble Accelerates: Central GoldTrust Announces Imminent Purchase Of 20 Tonnes Of Gold
Cramer Calls Market “Stupid, Rapacious, Arbitrary, Capricious And Downright Ridiculous”, Tells Viewers To Stay Out

Mexicans Take Over Parts Of Arizona
A massive stretch of Arizona now off limits – to Americans – critics say in effect the administration is giving a major strip of the south-west back to Mexico.

Obama vs. press freedom
Jon Leibowitz, the chairman of Obama’s Federal Trade Commission, is at the epicenter of a quiet movement to subsidize news organizations, a first step toward government control of the media.

Chemical in antibacterial soaps produces toxic dioxins
Dioxins are a group of highly toxic compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants. People are exposed to dioxins through the environment and the food chain — the highest levels of these compounds are found in soils, sediments and food such as dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish.

Say What?! After Wishing Skeptics Would Rub Asbestos on their Faces, UN IPCC’s Pachauri Now Declares he is ‘not deaf’ to skeptics; Says IPCC ’should welcome vigorous debate!’
In a stunning reversal, beleaguered UN IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri is now claiming he has nothing but respect and acceptance for skeptics of man-made global warming claims.


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