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Obama To Push Nightmare Carbon Tax In Oval Office Speech

President Barack Obama will tonight dispense with all restraint and fully exploit the BP oil spill to push the nightmare globalist agenda of a green economy, a carbon tax on human emissions, and an army of environmental enforcers to implement total big government tyranny.

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UK Eugenicists Demand We need a global initiative for population reduction
A growing number of scientists are going where politicians fear to tread by calling for a wider public debate on the sensitive issue of the global human population, which is set to rise from the present 6.8 billion to perhaps 9 billion by 2050.

New concerns arise over body scanners
As the government begins deploying whole-body imaging machines to replace metal detectors at airports nationwide, some security experts worry that the new technology could make it easier, not harder, to sneak weapons and explosives onto airplanes.

Kyrgyzstan carnage: 700 feared dead as looting, riots surge
An official death toll of 170 and tens of thousands fleeing the country. Southern Kyrgyzstan is facing an humanitarian crisis, as ethnic Uzbeks desperately try to escape the violence that’s been targeted against them. The UN Security Council says a corridor of aid into the country must be quickly established, as help is urgently needed.

White powder mailed to federal buildings in Northwest
The FBI is investigating letters containing a white powder that were mailed to at least seven federal offices in the states of Washington and Idaho, FBI representatives said Monday.

BP hires private security contractors to guard ‘black water’
If they had hired Blackwater, the firm would have had a particularly appropriate sounding name from the job: guarding tar-stained beaches.

What’s wrong with the sun?
SUNSPOTS come and go, but recently they have mostly gone. For centuries, astronomers have recorded when these dark blemishes on the solar surface emerge, only for them to fade away again after a few days, weeks or months. Thanks to their efforts, we know that sunspot numbers ebb and flow in cycles lasting about 11 years.

Corporate Media Follows Government Orders, Runs Defense For Etheridge Assault
Petrified that a couple of college kids with a flip camera can change the course of a state election, the corporate media and the neo-lib establishment has gone into overdrive in an attempt to spin the Bob Etheridge assault controversy, with some even trying to turn reality on its head in claiming Etheridge was the one being assaulted.

Obama’s Science Czar on His Past Work: ‘If You Read It and You Have a Problem, You’re Misreading It’
John P. Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and President Barack Obama’s top science adviser, said last week that his past work is a “stale topic” and: “If you read it and you have a problem, you’re misreading it.”

‘Discovery’ of Afghan riches a pro-war PR scam?
A New York Times report announcing the US has found $1 trillion-worth of mineral deposits in Afghanistan has some observers wondering if the news is part of a public-relations effort to bolster support for the Afghanistan war as the mission’s death toll continues to climb.

Criticize Israel and You’re a Terrorist
Incredible. This is the heart of Middle East democracy? Question the actions of the State, as an elected representative, and be called a ‘Terrorist!” and a “murderer”, again and again, and then be threatened with physical violence.

Felix Zulauf: The March 2009 Lows Won’t Hold
This weekend’s Barron’s Roundtable had an excellent update on several of our favorite market pundits.

It’s Official: Fed Governors Are Starting To Worry About A Double Dip
9 Reasons Why Spain Is A Dead Economy Walking

GPs agree to waive privacy of mentally ill gun owners
Doctors have agreed to breach their duty of medical confidentiality to patients who own guns if they fear they have become so seriously mentally ill they may use their weapons on themselves or the public, the Guardian has learned.

2010 Antarctica Peer-Reviewed Research: Ice Core Data Confirms Medieval Period Warmer Than Present
Scientists using the latest analysis techniques, conducted a high resolution analysis of the ice core retrieved from Antarctica’s Dome C station.

Afghanistan Mineral Riches Story Is War Propaganda
News that the U.S. has suddenly discovered $1 trillion-worth of mineral deposits in Afghanistan, and descriptions of the bounty as a "game changer" by the corporate media, represent nothing more than crude war propaganda designed to reinvigorate public support for a failing and ever more pointless occupation.

66% of Voters Are Angry At The Media
Sixty-six percent (66%) of U.S. voters describe themselves as at least somewhat angry at the media, including 33% who are Very Angry.

EU to introduce new Iran sanctions
The EU will increase the pressure on Iran on Thursday by unveiling more sanctions, including banning investment in the country’s key energy sector.

Three British soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 24 hours
Three British troops have died in the space of 24 hours following separate battles with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Who is Afraid of a Real Inquiry?
If a real Commission of Inquiry had been set up (instead of the pathetic excuse for a commission), here are some of the questions it should have addressed.

New York Fed’s Enhanced Powers May Come With Reduced Autonomy
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which carried out central-bank rescues of money markets and Wall Street firms, is poised to have its powers expanded even more — at the risk of reduced independence.

SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options
This is not the first destruction of documentary evidence related to 9/11.

Does al-Qaeda’s Air Force Plan to Bomb the G-8 and G-20 Summits?

Authoritarianism Is Bad for Your Health
The administration’s terrible healthcare reform bill is now law, but the debate over how — and whether — the federal government should be involved in providing healthcare services is not over.

CNBC’s Insana: Ron Paul ‘Doesn’t Even Have a Basic Understanding of Fundamental Economics’

‘US Army sent ‘hardcore’ neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan’
Under the Bush administration, the U.S. military allegedly started to recruit neo-Nazis and gang members to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. Investigative journalist Matt Kennard talks to RT about his researh into these allegations and other problems in the US military.

Nightmare vision for Europe as EU chief warns ‘democracy could disappear’ in Greece, Spain and Portugal
Democracy could ‘collapse’ in Greece, Spain and Portugal unless urgent action is taken to tackle the debt crisis, the head of the European Commission has warned.

Angela Merkel’s government threatened with collapse
AXA fears ‘fatal flaw’ will destroy eurozone

The Napolitano Revolution Hits Television
For years libertarians and the libertarian perspective have, by and large, been shut out of the television talk-show circuit.

From Julian Assange to Helen Thomas: Going After the Wrong People
What does it say about the the American government, its president, and its military today, that the the largest military/intelligence organization in the history of mankind has launched a global manhunt for Julian Assange, head of the Wikileaks organization?

U.S. Hospitals Secretly Promote Black Market Trading of Harvested Organs for Transplants
Many hospitals in the United States are tacitly participating in the illegal organ transplant industry by not scrutinizing potential donors too closely, experts worry.

Chris Matthews’ Turn to Spin for Etheridge
It’s subtle… see if you can see the moment when Chris Matthews starts to spin this story in favor of the congressman who bullied and grabbed an innocent kid in broad daylight.


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